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Oct 26th, 2020, 9:47 am
2 FF Books by Jacinta Laurenti
Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 265kb
Overview: I write sizzling stories about seductive princesses pining away in forbidding castles, wicked witches enchanting fair maidens, naughty noblewomen with time on their hands and lust in their eyes, and devoted servants who see, hear and do everything. My characters are saucy women who enjoy getting filthy in tall towers, dark forests and other people’s bedchambers.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic Romance > FF Lesbian

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Rapunzel's Mysterious Valentine Visitor
What’s the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise? Flowers? Chocolates? Love poems? Rapunzel has rejected these mundane gifts and has other ideas. And by the way, she’s no longer a princess, but a queen. Her majesty wants to surprise her lover, Gisela on this day for lovers, but she gets waylaid by a mysterious sorceress who schools the queen in the middle of a banquet. Rapunzel plays along, but she was born to rule and refuses to bow to a mere enchantress. Their sizzling encounter is scandalous, fiery and passionate, but the real surprise is who really gets played and who wins the game?

Infatuated with Cinderella
If you’re looking for a Cinderella story with cruel stepsisters and a handsome prince, this is not for you.
Instead, this is about Princess Ellia who was known as Cinderella in her youth. The princess is swept away by a breeze and ends up where she began. Or does she? Confused? So is she.
Reality becomes fantasy, and into that fantasy comes a stranger. Someone who has waited centuries for Ellia. That someone is Luzia, an enchantress who removes the princess’ inhibitions just as she undoes the ribbons on her gown: slowly, purposefully, seductively and passionately.
Whether it’s during a tumble in the hay or a stroll in the garden, Luzia and Ellia’s tale tantalizes and sizzles, and it embraces its salty, spicy flavors as Ellia relishes her naughtiness and the journey that brings her full circle.

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