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Cuffed by the Cop series by Henri Couesnon (Cuffed by the Cop #1-4)
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Overview: Bonjour, mes amis! An author can keep few secrets from his friends. People who know me well claim they can see me in my books. "But what I write is fiction," I protest. "Oh, some of the characters and incidents are based on my own experiences, and those of my friends, of course. But no one in reality could possibly lead the kind of wild private life that some of my characters do!" To my chagrin, this disclaimer of mine is invariably met with skepticism and derision. "Knock it off, Henri," my friends tell me. "We all know how wild you are!" Very well. I admit it. I am perhaps a little kinky. The mere sight of a pair of handcuffs or some other suitable accessory, is enough to quicken my pulse. After all, pleasure without kink is like cooking without spices. I had the good fortune to be raised by liberal parents in a cosmopolitan city. As a result, I grew up without prejudices. It's probably no coincidence that I am interested in all aspects of human sexuality. My erotic fiction is intended primarily for gay male readers, and such things as bisexuality, BDSM, group sex, and interracial sex figure prominently in my books. English is my second language. I studied it in school, which is not the same as conversing with native speakers on a regular basis, let along writing in it idiomatically. With each new book, I seek to improve my command of colloquial American English, which can be challenging for a foreigner. I hope that my readers will forgive my mistakes. Above all, I hope you enjoy my books.
Genre: MM Erotic


1. Cuffed by the Cop
In Marseille, a tough, streetwise hustler meets his match when he is busted by a very macho cop. Henri Couesnon once again draws upon his personal experiences growing up in the Mediterranean seaport, in this tale of dominance and submission .Male prostitute and petty crook Franck has already experimented with rough sex, with his cynical buddy Didier and their more demanding johns. But no one is more surprised than Franck when he finds himself agreeing to be a cop's sex slave. One taste of domination by his aggressive, demanding cop lover only makes Franck hungry for more. Still more shocking, Franck's cop master wants to share him with his fellow police officers. As the communal property of the local police department, Franck learns that pain and pleasure can be inextricably mingled. Talk about the strong arm of the law!

2. A Cop in Cuffs
In this sequel to Cuffed by the Cop, the characters we met in that book are back, and they're once again misbehaving in Marseille. Hustlers Franck and Didier resent the fact that tough cop Charles Brun considers them to be his personal property, and they discover that some of Brun's fellow police officers are every bit as kinky and demanding as him. But the two bad boys get some measure of satisfaction when Brun and a few of his cop buddies decide to give bottoming a try. Top a cop? Why not?

3. Cuff Me, Cop!
Marseille's bad boys in blue are back. These lustful cops are a disgrace to the uniform, especially when they're off duty, out of uniform, and indulging freely in their every erotic whim. On the other side of the law, hustlers Franck and Didier have come up with an additional moneymaking venture, producing their own amateur porn. When they meet a professional porn performer, things really begin to heat up. But that's nothing compared to what happens when the toughest and most sadistic of the cops decides that he wants in on the action!

4. To Cuff A Cop
To cuff a cop? Isn't that like "to bell the cat," meaning to undertake a seemingly impossible and definitely dangerous task? Marseille's hottest police officers have trouble exercising restraint, when their secret desires overpower them. But they're good at physically restraining other men, including their fellow cops, or submitting to bondage and discipline, themselves. The bad boys in blue don't hesitate to do their off-duty socializing with hustlers, porn performers, and various criminal types. Meanwhile, those enterprising escorts, Didier and Franck, launch their new careers as professional porn performers. When they join their favorite police officer, Brun, on a weekend yacht cruise hosted by a wealthy hedonist, it seems that nothing could possibly top the wild shipboard partying that ensues. But they're wrong. Back on shore, it's Brun's turn to host a group sex party for his cop buddies. But you don't have to be a cop in order to attend. You just have to be willing to cuff a cop, or be cuffed, by one!

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