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Mar 20th, 2017, 11:39 pm
My Best Friend Series (1-4) by Catherine Wilkins
Requirements: epub Reader 65.5MB
Overview: I grew up in Hertfordshire, with one younger brother, two dogs and one cat. And some parents. I now live in London with my husband and our two rescued cats (Smithers and Liono) and I hope that I get to write many more books.
Genre: Children, YA Fiction


01. My Best Friend and Other Enemies: When Jessica’s best friend goes off with new-girl Amelia, Jessica is hurt but determined not to take it lying down. She has a plan, and a secret weapon – her felt-tips. The pen is mightier than the sword, after all, and having a sense of humour wins Jessica far more friends than she loses. A funny, wise story that will touch a nerve with everyone who reads it.

02. My Brilliant Life and Other Disasters: It’s a new term and Jessica has high hopes, especially as Natalie has chosen to work with her on the class wildlife project. If only Jessica can concentrate and not mess it all up… The comic is coming along brilliantly, too. But then Scarlett rolls into town, with her super-cool attitude and alternative lifestyle. And her cartoons…

03. My School Musical and Other Punishments: Jessica can't wait to tell her friends about her brilliant new idea for their comic. Not that she's an actual genius, or anything… But they're all too busy stressing about the school musical to listen. ACTORS! At least designing the best scenery ever is going well. Until Amelia and Harriet VanDerk fall out over a pot of yellow paint. Now Jessica has to choose between her frenemy and her enemy. Who knew the entertainment business was so tricksy?

04. My Great Success and Other Failures: Jess’s cartoons are actually beginning to take off. A local comic store wants to use them in a campaign and she is in danger of becoming really rather famous (at school). This leads to some tensions with her friends. Why can’t people be happy for her? It’s not as if success is going to her head, or anything. Or actually that it’s anything like success at all…

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Mar 20th, 2017, 11:39 pm