Speculative fiction, alternative worlds, futuristic, supernatural, horror
Aug 13th, 2017, 2:23 am
Song of Edmon by Adam Burch
Requirements: EPUB or MOBI Reader, 1.9MB
Overview: The isolated planet of Tao is a house divided: the peaceful Daysiders live in harmony while the pale Nightsiders pursue power and racial purity through the violent ritual of the Combat.

Edmon Leontes, the gentle son of a ruthless warrior noble and a proud Daysider, embodies Tao’s split nature. The product of diametrically opposed races, Edmon hopes to live a quiet life pursuing the music of his mother’s people, but his Nightsider father cruelly forces him to continue in his bloody footsteps to ensure his legacy.

Edmon’s defiance will cost him everything…and spark a revolution that will shake the foundations of Tao. His choice—to embrace the light or surrender to the darkness—will shape his own fate and that of his divided world.
Genre: Science Fiction


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Aug 13th, 2017, 2:23 am

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