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Phoenix Dragon Series (1-2) by Max Andren
Requirements: ePUB / MOBI Reader, 1.0MB & 1.3MB
Overview: Max Andren writes Fantasy and Urban Fantasy and her first novel, Renascent, was featured in a USA Today Bestselling anthology.
Genre: Fiction; Fantasy

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#1 - Renascent
Only through death would her destiny be realized.

Cursed with the ability to hear and feel the pains of lost and tortured souls, Charani is committed to an asylum to cure her of the insanity. After years of heinous therapies, she finally loses the will to live and embraces death. In that moment she is reborn into something ancient and powerful.

Drawn in to a centuries-old war between dragons and drampires, Charani realizes her curse may actually be the gift needed to find the voices of the lost and the Amulet of the Dead, but only if she can learn to harness her ability. If she fails, the cost will be her life and that of her dragon brethren.

#2 - Coalesce
She killed an ancient drampire and destroyed the Amulet of the Dead. She released the collective, trapped by dark magic, and together they became One.

Her family is convinced that she is the last true Phoenix Dragon--the dragon spoken about in clan legend and prophecy, but she feels like a fraud! She's just a little girl thrown away and nothing more.

But with the help of her chosen family, she will embrace her destiny and unite the fragmented clans at the dragon sanctuary. But nothing is ever as simple as it would seem and her life is far from simple or mundane, especially when drampires are determined to steal their dragon essence to fuel their hijacked immortality.

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