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Accidental Billionaires Series by SJ Abbott (1-3)
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Overview: SJ Abbott is the spicy alter ego of Sara Jolene who has been writing sweet historical and contemporary novels and novellas for more than 2 years now. Writing under SJ Abbott is to distinguish between genres.
Genre: Romance


1. By Fate - On the outside Aaron Cabot looks like he has it all: a multi-million-dollar business that he’s built with his two best friends, a kick-ass car, and no shortage of ladies waiting in the wings. But on the inside the sparkle is wearing thin. Something is missing from his life.
Julie Hill is supposed to be in law school, getting ready to build a career and enjoying her time at university. But when a car accident seriously injures her mother, Julie must put her dreams on hold to act as her caregiver until fate throws a piece of her past into her path.
Can differences be put aside to give a long-burning flame a chance to survive?

2. By Chance - Seth Ellison is quickly realizing that success and wealth don’t guarantee peace. In a short period of time, he’s managed to lose his roommates and alienate his family; all while his business is under attack. He’s tired of the temporary nature of everything in his world. He’s ready for something that will last.
Emma Dixon is a small-town girl, thrown into a big city, looking to prove she can stand on her own two feet. When her new boss assigns her a high-profile client, she finds herself questioning her newly acquired abilities. Thrown together by chance, Emma worries that when the time comes, she won’t be able to separate her growing feelings for her new client from the job.
Will the two of them be able to overcome past issues to make a life together? Or will they continue on, never finding happiness?

3. By Luck - Gideon Rees has a well-deserved reputation as being both a savvy businessman and a perennial bad boy. Smooth, slick, and devastatingly handsome, he can have any woman he wants - and probably already has. Feeling the pressure of a lawsuit from a former employer, he finds a lucky distraction in his company's sexy new assistant.
Shannon Potter is not the settling kind. She prefers to live life on her terms with no strings and nothing to tie her down. Thrilled with her new career she intends to help her new employers come out on top of their legal battles. But there’s a hitch in her plan. Her outrageously attractive boss is driving her insane.
When they come together to face a common enemy will the feelings they didn't expect to have for each other get in the way?

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3. By Luck
Sep 11th, 2019, 3:46 pm
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