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McCall Ranch Brothers series by Leslie North (#1-3)
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Overview: Leslie North is the USA Today Bestselling pen name for a critically-acclaimed author of women's contemporary romance and fiction. The anonymity gives her the perfect opportunity to paint with her full artistic palette, especially in the romance and erotic fantasy genres.
Genre: Romance

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The Rancher's Inherited Family (#1): Trevor McCall doesn’t want to be a rancher, or settle down and become a family man. Now, however, he’s forced to not only take over his late parents’ ranch, but also unexpectedly raise his cousin’s four-year-old daughter, Jade. 

Sure, he can run the place for the year-long stipulation specified in his parents’ will, but take care of a kid? No way. Nothing in his life has prepared him to be the father of a four-year-old girl. Complicating matters, Lacey Cameron, his sweet and pretty housekeeper, is leaving to open up her own B&B. Lacey has always lived at the McCall ranch—she can’t leave now when he needs her most. Desperate, Trevor makes a deal with her: Stay and help him with little Jade and in return he’ll help her fix up the B&B. Lacey agrees, and as the two of them work together, Trevor quickly realizes the girl he’s known all his life has grown into a beautiful woman, one who, to his shock, manages to find a crack in his hardened heart. 

Lacey’s spent her entire life at the McCall ranch. Generations of Camerons have worked there, but she’s finally breaking free. For years she’s been saving for a B&B, and nothing’s going to stop her from finally realizing her dream and leaving the McCalls. Not that she doesn’t love them all. It’s that she loves one McCall a bit too much, even though she’d die before letting Trevor know how she feels. With this particular cowboy, love was never in the picture. But after the contractor for her B&B scams her, she can’t refuse Trevor’s offer to help. She can ignore the painful wrenching in her heart every time she hears his voice if it will get her business up and running. Then the completely unexpected happens: She realizes Trevor is just as attracted to her as she is to him. 

But Trevor plans to leave as soon as his obligation to honor his parents’ last wishes is over. Even so, Lacey gives in to their attraction, knowing she’s just setting herself up for heartache. After all, better to have a broken heart than a lonely one…right?

The Cowboy's Rescue (#2): Single mom Heather Browning will do anything to get away from her controlling ex-husband--including buying a rundown strawberry farm in Montana. Maybe the locals are right, maybe she is crazy. Still, she’ll do anything to keep her twin son and daughter safe and happy—and keep her ex out of the picture. When her only horse comes up lame, she calls local veterinarian Randy McCall. The sexy cowboy takes one look at her farm and dilapidated house and offers his help, but Heather is quick to say no. She doesn’t need anyone’s help—no matter how gorgeous and tempting Randy is. But after hurting her ankle and discovering her roof is riddled with leaks, she reluctantly agrees to temporarily move herself and the twins to the McCall Ranch. If Heather wanted a charming, sexy, man—which she does not—Randy would be perfect. Good thing she only wants to be friends…

For as long as he can remember, Randy has liked saving things. So when he’s hit with the impossible-to-ignore need to help Heather, he chalks it up to his nature. Thanks to matchmaking townsfolk, Randy is “given” to Heather for twenty-four hours of free labor, and he’s happy to oblige. It’s certainly not because he’s crazy attracted to her. Definitely not because the twins are making him think silly thoughts about being a dad. And no way is it because that one soft kiss made his heart feel like it was struck by lightning. Even as Randy tells himself—over and over—that he’s not a relationship kind of guy, his stubborn heart doesn’t believe it. Knowing Heather has already been hurt by a man, he decides to stop things before they get out of hand. But can he stop himself from falling in love?

The Cowboy's Pregnant Sweetheart (#3): Karen Peterson has always known the rodeo was Carson McCall’s first and only love. She got proof of that when they were eighteen and he left her brokenhearted to join the rodeo circuit. She never got the chance to tell him she was pregnant—and never told him she lost the baby. Nine years later, he’s back home at the McCall Ranch nursing injuries from a bull-riding accident. When she sees him, she has a wonderful idea. Her sister’s autistic son, Devon, wants to learn to ride, and Carson is the perfect man to teach him. But Carson turns her down flat. Until the consequences of a barroom brawl require community service…teaching Devon to ride. Though Carson is the only cowboy she’ll ever love, she can shield her feelings for the sake of her nephew, even if Carson still makes her heart feel like it’s on a bucking bronco. So when she realizes she’s pregnant again, she’s terrified he’ll leave.

Carson is completely at odds. All he wants to do is heal and return to his life, despite his doctors telling him he’ll never ride at the same level again. He hates that he’s not the man he was, hates that everyone pities the washed-up has-been rodeo star. The only bright part of his day is the hour he spends with Devon—and Karen. Carson never forgot her, never really got over her. She’s still the girl he loved when he was just a kid, only she’s even more beautiful now. As they spend time together, it’s hard to resist their deep attraction, and in the end, they give in to it. Still, the lure of his first love—the rodeo—is strong, and when his doctor clears him to join the circuit, he’s happy—just not as happy as he’d thought he’d be. And when he learns Karen is pregnant, he’s torn even more. Could it be that the rodeo isn’t the only thing that matters anymore…?

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