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Jul 26th, 2020, 12:40 am
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Overview: Alice Kirks writes historical romance novels with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.
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A Wallflower's Darling Lord - Miss Helena Ashby, daughter to a trade merchant, has found herself thrown in at the deep end of society. When her father is sent to the debtor's prison, leaving her penniless, Helena, shy, down to earth and completely unprepared, must battle the gossip that surrounds her name, and fit in a world where everyone looks askance at her. When she finds occupation as a lady's companion, destiny brings her to the man who will be haunting her dreams every night. But external forces will not let her find happiness next to him all too easy. Will Helena find her way to be with the man she hopelessly loves despite all odds, or her plans for the future will go up in smoke?
Lord Edwin Martin-Atkins has always feared that he will be driven off course if he cannot find a proper woman to hold him down. When his unsuspected affections are laid upon a woman whose life has been one scandal after another, he is determined to rescue her from ruin, if he ever wants to find real happiness in life. But the road is full of obstacles, as the woman he has fallen in love with is the companion of the malicious lady he unwillingly courts. Will he manage to avoid a union that that will make his life an eternal torture? Will Edwin help the only woman he has ever loved to escape her tragic fate and share the rest of her life with him?
Helena and Edwin are most enchanted by each other from the moment they meet. But when Helena's jealous and malicious lady makes every effort to disgrace her and drive her away from Edwin, everything seems to go downhill. Could the two soulmates find a way to make their two worlds one in such a dire situation? Will their love survive the pitfalls threatening to destroy it?

The Recipe to Win An Earl's Heart - Clara Sedley is an inspired cook and the daughter of a baker who has raised her with love and affection ever since her mother died. When her father falls seriously ill, she decides to put all her dreams aside and seek further employment, as the medical expenses are piling up. However, the only available position seems to be the one of the cook for the reclusive Earl of Dunham. Feeling like she has no choice, Clara hesitantly accepts the offer and joins their estate. She never expected, though, to discover a hidden side of this lonely man, a side so tender, that it would make her heart beat only for him. Even so, the challenge of a relationship between a prestigious son of a malicious lady and the daughter of a baker still persists. With her loving kindness and outstanding cooking skills as weapons, will Clara manage to capture the Earl's heart? Will she eventually live the fairytale she has always been dreaming of?
Having grown up with a judgmental and tyrannical mother, Charles Blackstone, Earl of Dunham, has become a cold and detached man. His short temper and mean words have pushed away every single person around him and he is now doomed to a miserable and lonely life in an enormous estate. Everything changes almost overnight when he crosses paths with Clara and is taken aback by her generosity and remarkable beauty. While tasting her meals which reflect her talent and affectionate nature, Charles finds himself falling deeper in love with this wondrous woman. He is nevertheless utterly conflicted, knowing that everyone will be against this love, and above all, his own mother. Will Charles stand up for himself and escape from the loveless future his mother has planned out for him? Or will he simply avoid the risk of being with the woman of his heart out of fear for society's judgmental prejudice?
Even though Clara and Charles develop an undeniable connection, his cruel mother will do whatever it takes to sabotage their blossoming love. An unexpected secret that Clara's father kept buried for years makes things even more complicated, as it will irreversibly change the course of their life. In the end, will Clara and Charles defy society's constraining rules and choose love on their own terms? Or will dominant norms and formidable barriers overpower their special romance?

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A Wallflower's Darling Lord

The Recipe to Win An Earl's Heart
Jul 26th, 2020, 12:40 am
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The Recipe to Win An Earl's Heart
Oct 18th, 2020, 1:29 am