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Starbase Orion v1.1.7 [Universal]
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Overview: Explore. Expand. Exterminate. Can you defeat your friends and become the ruler of the galaxy?



Starbase Orion is an old-school 4X space strategy game that draws inspiration from titles such as Master of Orion and Galactic Civilizations. Lead your empire from the birth of its space age in Starbase Orion. Colonize new worlds, explore new horizons, and discover other players attempting to do the same. It is a race to the stars where only one empire can declare victory over the galaxy.


"This one is geek heaven" -

"Starbase Orion has an epic-feeling" -

"Starbase Orion is here, and it's glorious." -

"Master of Orion 2 with Better Multiplayer" -

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Strong Single-Player Experience

Compete against a battle-tested artificial intelligence. Our AI was derived from our entry in the 2010 Google AI contest, where it placed in the top 15% of thousands of competing intelligences. Go head-to-head against a single AI opponent, or ramp up the carnage with a 4 way free-for-all.

GameCenter Multiplayer Turn-Based Games

Starbase Orion was designed to provide a fantastic multiplayer experience. Launch the game, sign into GameCenter, and start a new multiplayer game. Play your turn, and you will be automatically matched to another player when someone else decides to play. No need to coordinate play times, seek out other players. Just go play, when you want and on your terms.

iCloud Support

Starbase Orion is built from the ground up for iOS 5. It supports iCloud so that your saved games are instantly available on all of your devices. Start a game at home on your iPad, then pick it up again the next day on your iPhone. Simple, streamlined, fantastic.

Universal - You bought the cool gadgets, go play on them.

Full support for iPad, iPhone, iPod, standard and Retina displays. Play when you want, where you want.

Choose Your Race, Or Create Your Own

There are five uniques races included; Human, Draske, Vass, Cyban, and Isather. You can also create your own custom race by picking and choosing between different race characteristics.

Intense Space Combat

Design your ships from a variety of weapons, hull, and systems. Send them into battle against the enemy. Give them orders, then watch the battle in unfold as they duke it out in the dark expanses of space.

Guaranteed Pricing

It is quite common these days to buy an app one day only to watch it go “free for a day” the very next afternoon. Starbase Orion is not one of those apps. The standard price for Starbase Orion is $7.99 USD, and it will not be switched free at any time. We want you to be able to buy the app with confidence, and this is our guarantee to you.

Guaranteed Free Updates

We have a lot more planned for Starbase Orion. We plan to release all updates for free, without any hidden fees or In-App Purchases.

What's New in Version 1.2.0
If you like what you see please make sure to review Starbase Orion with each update!

I would like to personally thank all of the Starbase Orion players who joined the testing group to help make v1.1 the best it could be. Bruin, VanderLegion, falanor4421, ddebernardy, elph, bmike, ed, thebardofblasphemy, Ayjona, Xlom, Kabukiman, waynebo, Dalmuti, Jusvah, GALATICA_Actual, General_Grr, Stormbringer, Treksdot, Diebo, LeadTheWay, Death Dealer, MarcusVictor, photovirus, MiiiikeT, Sentar, Diebo, macaonnie, Skipper, seebs, MarcusVictor, BSG, (and all of you whom I don't have a forum name for) thank you so much for your tireless efforts in helping improve the game!


In v1.1.9 we included a new automated crash reporting system called Crashlytics. This update (v1.2.0) contains the first round of fixes for issues uncovered by Crashlytics.

v1.1.9 added the following new features:

• Zoomable Galaxy Map
You can now manually pinch to zoom the main galaxy map; this can be especially helpful for iPhone/iPod users to get in a little closer to the stars for minute selections.

• Frigate Spam / Frigate Lockdown
We have introduced a new mechanic to help reduce the tactic of using a single frigate to "lock down" a larger fleet in combat. If you try and attack a much larger force than your own (the total production cost of your fleet is less than 1/10 that of the fleet you are attacking), your fleet will immediately flee once encountering the hostile fleet. This rule only applies to moving fleets; fleets stationary at a system will not automatically flee. This is the first revision of this mechanic, we'll be iterating on it in future patches is necessary.

• "Scrap All" Buildings
Need some cash fast? Now you can scrap all buildings of a type throughout your whole empire at once.

• Assign Ship Orders by Name
Have two different kinds of frigates? Now you can assign order to all ships of a certain name. Generals rejoice!

• Fix for the issue with spying introduced in v1.1.8
An issue with being able to properly defend from enemy spies slipped through v1.1.8 testing; this is now fixed and your defensive agents should work properly again.

• Fix for iOS 4 crash
We also introduced an issue where iOS 4 devices would immediately crash on launch. This is now fixed.

• Crashlytics
In our continuing efforts to identify and squash crash bugs we have added Crashlytics bug reporting to SO. If you experience a crash it will automatically send the necessary logs and information our way to help us fix the issue.

• Bug Fixes
You reported them, we fixed them! Thank you so much for everyone helping to make Starbase Orion the best it can be!


The Starbase Orion forums are buzzing with user comments and suggestions. Join the discussion today!

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