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Oct 3rd, 2019, 6:41 pm
ABA English - Learn English v4.4.2 [Premium]
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview: ABA English will help you learn a new language in an effective and flexible way. We teach English with real-life situations based on the principles of the natural method. Start learning English today!


Improve your understanding by watching our ABA films, and practice through a variety of writing, speaking and listening exercises. Get valuable advice from your personal native English tutor.

Try the online English course FOR FREE for 7 days.
* To get access to the full English course, sign up for the plan that suits your needs.

The complete English course

Learn common expressions, vocabulary, and grammar in English by watching our exclusive short films.

Practise English with activities based on useful everyday topics. New ABA moments will be released five times a week, providing you with a dynamic learning experience. Start practicing new essential vocabulary.

An effective and fun online academy providing you with all the necessary English grammar.

An online tutor will help you achieve a higher English level by teaching you new expressions, providing you with specific vocabulary and giving you tips on how to improve.

Do you need to pass any exams for the First Certificate or Advanced Cambridge English? Are you preparing for the TOEFL test? We have a course suited to every English level: Beginners (A1), Lower Intermediate (A2), Intermediate (B1), Upper Intermediate (B2), Advanced (B2/C1) and Business (C1). What is your level?

You will receive an official ABA English certificate upon completion of a level.

As a Premium student, you will be able to access the full course and all its features without internet connection. No more excuses for not studying when you are on a desert island!

Measure your progress with an assessment as you complete each unit. Are you improving your English?

Language experts from important universities around the world agree that ABA English is a delightful app for studying English.

The English course is based on the principles of the natural method, therefore we created a system for English learning that simulates the same learning process that you experience when traveling abroad to study. The online course will also help you study productively in order to prepare for the TOEFL test.

Learn English by listening > understanding > speaking > writing > practising.

ABA English is an online English academy with more than 40 years’ experience that allows you to learn English using its proven learning method. Language experts at leading universities worldwide agree that our app is an efficient e-learning tool.


For ABA English Free and Premium students, the app allows you to maintain the progress you have already made if you log in using the same account that you use for the ABA English Campus.

With the free option (ABA Free), 144 video classes provide you with all the necessary English grammar, explained by the academy’s native teachers. You also have the first complete unit of each level for free, so you can try out the ABA English learning method.

With the paid option, ABA Premium, you can access all the content from the complete course, get a certificate for each level and receive support from an English teacher who you can contact through the ABA English Campus with any queries that you might have.

* All subscriptions will be automatically renewed, if not cancelled before the expiry date.

Download ABA English and start learning a new language. Improve your English language skills!


What's New:
Hey ABA Students:
In this new version we have:
- Done a few small improvements to improve stability and performance
- Fixed commonly reported bugs
Go ahead and update!
We love your feedback so keep it coming. (And keep studying lots of English!)

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More Info:
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Download Instructions: Premium features unlocked

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