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Aug 26th, 2018, 2:39 pm
Nautical Calculator Pro v6.1.2 (Patched)
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: Nautical Calculator Pro performs calculations and produces graphs of various problems of navigation


DEAD RECKONING for Rhumb line and Great Circle Navigation, 1st problem: it helps navigator to determine his present position by projecting his past courses steered and speeds over ground from a known past position. He can also determine his future position by projecting an ordered course and speed of advance from a known present position. It does not allow for the effect of leeway, current, helmsman error, or gyro error.
Once latitude and longitude of a point are given, a route and a distance to go, the coordinates of the point of arrival are computed.

DEAD RECKONING for Rhumb line and Great Circle Navigation, 2nd problem: given the coordinates of departure and arrival, date of departure and speed, it calculates the routes and the distances of Rhumb lines and Great circles, the vertex coordinates, meridional parts, time spent in navigation and time of arrival.
Great-circle solutions for distance and initial course
angle are calculated.
A graphical representation is given.

DEAD RECKONING for Rhumb line and Great Circle Navigation:
The latitudes of points on the great-circle track is determined for equal Difference of Longitude intervals each side of the vertex, for equal DLo and DLa from point of departure, for equal no. parts Great Circle distance between points.
Time spent in navigation and time of arrival and a graphical representation is also shown.

Calculation of mixed Route : given the coordinates of departure and arrival and the parallel limit , calculate the coordinates of the two vertices the initial course and distance of the route with navigation mixed . This also shows a graphical representation .

Reducing a celestial sight to obtain a line of position
consists of some manual steps:
1. You correct the sextant altitude (hs) to obtain the observed altitude (ho).
2. You determine the body’s GHA and declination.
3. You select an assumed position and find that position’s local hour angle.
4. Input all the above, then Nautical Calculator Pro computes altitude and azimuth for the assumed position and time of the observation,
5. and compares computed and observed altitudes.
6. and plots the lines of position up to four stars, having calculated how much space they are moved ahead tacking into account the ship’s speed.
7. finally the fix coordinates are given
8.a beautiful graphic picture is shown

Compass Error By Azimuth Of The Sun at Sunrise and Sunset
As you input the latititude of the mariner and the sun’s declination and the measured sun’s azimut, the
computed azimuth to the azimuth measured with the compass immediately determines the compass error. No interpolation is necessary.

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What’s New
- Fixed some bugs

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