Apr 12th, 2010, 6:15 pm
Before Install Tomtom Identify your system, Pna, wince, Pda, android or symbian
Search the software on ppcwarez Tomtom System software
A quick guide for tomtom installation:
A)download software; The software can be patched or can patched yoursel, if download originall, try download patcher as well, more easy download patched cab.
1- Normally cab files install software alone
2- You need as well voices, tts, or pois and Speedcams
Seaarch on forum latest ones
B)download Keygen for Maps
1 Everymap have a type keygen
Sometimes the code match is not working, normally is a problem with map compatibility
c) download a compatible map
1 Be sure you are downloading a map compatible with your tomtom version
You can found diferent tables for this in section maps
d) Install tomtom in your device (Is posible install on SD Card if you wish)
e) Copy map folder in root Card
f) Download complet metafile necesary for active maps with keygens, some keygen have metafile inside, read keygen instructions for it
g)Keygening map and try if works opening tomtom
h) install voices, pois or watever thing you wanna
You can see your ident device in a file in your ppc name;
ttnavigator.bif <--------- your device code are 10numbers or letters XXXXX XXXXX
edit this file with notepad and take your code if need for use with keygen

Now you can try with usefull stuff for tomtom as well how get a screenshot from tomtom etc, Or learn made your own pois, or change your arrow by your own car
http: link usefull stuff
ASR = Advanced Speech Recognition
CSpeech = Voice recognition
IQ Route = calculates routes based on the real average speeds measured on roads every day compared to speed limits
ALGAuto Lane Guidance

How know bootloader or navcore o version map?

Tomtom Devices:
Apr 12th, 2010, 6:15 pm

Made clears posts on GPS section and goods tittles made users easy live
Before ask something or pollute topics search the reply.......................
...............................................................................surely it is there out


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