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Sep 24th, 2011, 10:41 am
Noteshelf v4.1
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Overview: Noteshelf let’s anyone take effective and organized notes straight from their iPad. Download this writing utility today and begin taking digital notes while having this app’s comprehensive note template library, editing, customization, and organizational options at your fingertips.


Noteshelf utilizes optimized handwriting functions to enable users to quickly and easily input notes within the app by hand without worry. An innovative ‘zoom’ writing mode allows users to use their finger to quickly write by hand in large print, which is then minimized to it original size on the app’s virtual notepad. Stroke smoothening technology ensures that no matter how hastily users write, notes will always stay legible. Noteshelf also includes a unique ‘wrist protection’ feature that ensures writers do not strain their hands while taking notes by allowing them to rest their wrist on the iPad’s writing surface while they write without creating unwanted graphic marks.

Noteshelf also features a full array of varying functionalities which ensure that the app is flexible enough to fit anyone’s needs. The app’s template library includes 17 uniquely preformatted notesheets optimized to suit many specific user needs such as creating a day planner or keeping a personal journal. Noteshelf also allows users to embed and annotate photos within their notes and includes an extensive collection of over 450 individual icons, divided into 5 separate categories, so that note takers can easily yet effectively label and organize their notes. Taking this breadth of functionality into account – hand in hand with its practical editing functions and note exporting capabilities – Noteshelf is one productivity app for the iPad that just may turn out to be the last one you’ll ever need.

App Features:

- Zoom Handwriting capability
- Comprehensive Template & Cover Library
- Custom Notebook Creation capabilities
- Pens, highlighters and erasers
- Cut / Copy / Paste
- Photo embedding and annotation capability
- Categorized icon/ label collection
- ‘Wrist Protection’ Writing Comfort function
- Grouping Notebooks for better organization
- Password protection
- User interface optimized for in-app navigation
- Multiple note export options including: DROPBOX & EVERNOTE
- Unlimited undo/ redo editing capabilities
- Backup/ Restore functionality
- VGA output for presentation
- Interactive user guide

Noteshelf is developed by Fluid Touch.
What's new in Version 4.1
Noteshelf 4.1:
- Switch between classic landscape mode and the new landscape mode

Noteshelf 4.0:
- Grouping Notebooks (folders)
- Passcode Protection
- Covers & Papers can be chosen independently
- Landscape Mode
- Enhanced Zoom Mode
- VGA Support
- Highlighters
- Cut/Copy/Paste
- Mixing different papers in the same notebook
- Custom Templates
- Read-only Mode
- Fullscreen Finder
- In-app Store for papers, covers and shelfs
- A new UI and many usability enhancements

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Sep 24th, 2011, 10:41 am