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Feb 20th, 2014, 3:48 pm
Desperados Motorcycle Club series by Sienna Valentine (Parts 1 & 3)
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Overview: Sienna Valentine grew up in Canada and spent years reading and writing as a hobby before deciding to put something out there for the world. Romance and erotica are her favorite genres, and she is now happy to spend as much time writing her fantasies down as she does dreaming them up in the first place.
Genre: Romance

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Desperados MC (#1): Her friends warned her that she shouldn't take the job bartending at that "biker bar", but Madison knew exactly what she was getting into. At least, she thought she did. She'd grown up in a sheltered household, but she'd watched SoA on TV, she was sure she knew what she was getting into. But when it came down to two tough members of the Desperado biker gang calling her bluff and leading her to the back room of the bar, she started having second thoughts. Was she willing to do as they expected once they got back there, or was she going to chicken out? Warning: This is a rough and wild motorcycle tale involving explicit sex, including MMF action between two bikers and a young woman who is crazy enough to get mixed up with them.

VP (#3): Madison finally has what she'd always been craving... a relationship with a rough and handsome biker that has pulled her out of her stagnant home life with her parents and thrust her into one filled with excitement, danger, and a lot of sex. But things are about to turn very dangerous, and very deadly, as Dax tries to flex his new found powers as VP of the Desperados into pushing the club in a direction that not everyone wants to go. And some of them will do just about anything to stop him.

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