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... Or ... Things to Do/Not Do with Posts in the Forum

These things are not written down as rules or anything, they just make good common sense. (Believe it or don't, we try to keep the rules down to a minimum. The ones you do see were forced upon us by previous users who could not play well with others. :D )


First, USE the "Thanks" system. There is absolutely NO reason NOT to do so. It doesn't cost YOU anything. The 1 WRZ$ that the poster gets for it comes from the Forum. (Think of it as playing Monopoly but paying the other players with the BANK'S money) :D

It is very discouraging to some posters when they post a release and later check their download stats to find that, while their post has 197 downloads, they have a grand total of 6 "Thanks." Not much incentive there to keep posting, huh?

That's not to say that you should thank every post you look at, but if you download it, at least have the courtesy to thank the OP (Original Poster) for their time and trouble by clicking on the "thumbs-up" Image button.
Feb 23rd, 2014, 12:18 am

Please make sure ALL links are dead BEFORE requesting a re-up.
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Feb 23rd, 2014, 12:18 am
Dead links. Everyone likes to find new books to read and everyone hates to find a new one, only to discover that some or all of the links are down. So what do they do next? The one thing GUARANTEED to KILL any remaining live links or any new ones which might be posted - they post a "Bump" post!! :shock: :shock:

(Bump post = new message post of no redeeming value which "bumps" the post back to the top of the list of posts)

WHY is this such a bad thing? Well, here's what happens when you bump a post.

Bumps trigger Google alerts.

How alerts are created in context with the use of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing: Google Support

So, what SHOULD you do? EASY! Private message (PM*) the Original Poster!

So, what does this do differently than posting in the release? It gives the OP the chance to quietly replace his/her links by editing their original posts and swapping them out.

RESULTS - the post gets new links that everyone can enjoy (hopefully, for a longer period of time) instead of just going dead again soon after they are replaced.

merry60 wrote:

*Please be civil and do not spam OPs inboxes with requests for new links. Always keep in mind that you are NOT the only person requesting but one among many! A good estimation would be to request per day as many as you can read (per day) :D

Also, please be civil and don't spam the Requests section by posting or bumping too many requests at a time. Read this post carefully: How to post a request (RULES)
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Feb 23rd, 2014, 12:19 am
Original Posters - guess what? When YOU make a new post to announce that you have just added a new link ... the same thing applies. I know of one poster here who kept replacing their links and then posting such a message. Shortly, the new links were dead. They did the same again - with the same results again. This could be a never-ending story, but I sent them a PM explaining things and now they know why their links keep dying. :D

The BEST thing you can do is edit your Original Post and swap out the links. If you DO want to let people know, put something like "New Links", "Links Refreshed - 00/00/2012", or something like that at the bottom of the post. Adding a note in the OP about the new link may not be as gratifying as the bumping the post, but your links will last longer.

This also applies to posts which have a problem, for example, a post with a book that has problems, a multi-book post with a missing book, a post with the wrong book in the download, etc., etc. (The list of reasons is endless.)

Bumping the post only ensures that if the OP DOES correct the problem, the links will most likely be dead soon after anyway. Many posters ignore this type of post for this very reason. Some even request in their sigline that you DON'T bump their posts, but PM them about the problem instead.

Sadly, MANY users here cannot seem to read and/or understand these requests. Which leaves the OP wondering, "If you can't read/understand what is written in my sigline, how are you going to be able to read/understand the book if you DO get it ?!?!" :P

Stay tuned, more later ...
Who, What, Why, Where, When of Mirrors ...

(Reserved for future notes to be added later)
Feb 23rd, 2014, 12:19 am

Please make sure ALL links are dead BEFORE requesting a re-up.
"We Gladly Feast on Those Who Would Subdue Us." - Addams Family
Feb 23rd, 2014, 12:20 am
Mirrors ... where to begin ...?

What is a Mirror and why would you want one?
Mirror = A replacement link for the given links in the Original Post - or "OP" due to an absent poster (also sometimes referred to as an "OP" - Original Poster), or because the Original Poster no longer has the files to re-up the their original links themself. Also sometimes requested when someone wants a different format than those in the Original Post.

The FIRST step is to always, ALWAYS, try sending a PM to the Original Poster. Many of the regular posters here have no problem with re-upping their links - IF they know the links are dead! The trick here, folks, is that they may not realize the links are dead unless someone informs them of this! Why? Because unless you only have one or two releases posted, it quickly becomes impossible for a poster to check EACH and EVERY release we have made EACH and EVERY day!

DO NOT post in the release that, "Your links are dead!" (or something similar) (See "bumping the post" above). First of all, it hurts the links as described previously, and secondly, it does NOT make the OP eager to help you out any by posting new links when you have just helped kill any new links before he/she can even post them!

When can you post a request for a mirror in the release post?
If that fails (poster is absent or for some reason refuses to respond after a reasonable time) you can post in the release asking for a mirror. Please be sure and mention that you HAVE tried PM'ing the OP and could not get a response, etc. (Be realistic here, boys and girls! If you PM'ed them yesterday and they haven't been online again yet today, DON'T post that the OP "failed to respond"!)

Many of the regular posters here are fairly easy to spot. If their name is GREEN (Moderator), PURPLE (Major Ebook Releaser, or, MER), BLUE (VIP), or ORANGE (Book Reviewer), it's a pretty sure bet that they are fairly active here (Yes, there are, like anything else, always exceptions). My point is, if you post that "the OP failed to respond" and it happens to be one of these, we WILL be checking on it, as most of these folks DO respond to re-up request PMs.

DO NOT request books OTHER THAN those in the OP in your mirror request. "Mirrors should ONLY have the same titles as are in the original post - no more, no less."

OK, you want to post a mirror? Well, you can't - UNLESS a MODERATOR has posted a request for a mirror in that topic. :D

So let's assume a MODERATOR has posted a request for a mirror and you have the file. How do you go about posting a mirror?
First, upload the file to a file host and get a link for YOUR download. Links to the book(s) on another forum or site is NOT allowed and "your" link WILL be removed. The Site Rules state that you must provide links only to downloads YOU have control over.

Next, remember that mirror request which has to be there to make a mirror legit? Start off by quoting it (little button in the bottom right corner) and then adding your download link. "Unrequested mirrors are NOT allowed - NO exceptions!" So, by quoting the request in your mirror post, you show that it IS legit. "Requested mirrors must have the requesting post quoted in the mirror post."

Remember, you can only post a mirror with the same titles as in the OP - even though they only had, say, books 1-3 in their post and you have all the books up to book 7. Why? Because in many cases, especially with a popular series, someone else may have posted those other books separately in another post and that would make your mirror a double post. Not to mention, that it would probably NOT please the other members who have posted those other books already. :?

So, basically:

To make a request for new links
PM the OP first.
Then, if no response within 3 days, report to a moderator.

To respond to a request for a mirror
Quote the moderator's request for the mirror in your response.
Use your OWN download links.
Post ONLY the same titles as in the OP.

Here is where you can find rules for mirrors: http://forum.mobilism.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=221908
Feb 23rd, 2014, 12:20 am

Please make sure ALL links are dead BEFORE requesting a re-up.
"We Gladly Feast on Those Who Would Subdue Us." - Addams Family
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Well done Bohica60 Just what we need :D
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Fan-bloody-tastic !!!..
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