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Jan 2nd, 2015, 10:23 pm
Photos and Files Renamer Professional v1.5 [Patched]
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: Rename your photos and files easily and quickly!


Rename your photos and files easily and quickly!
The app Rename photos and files, professional editon, also called JcRenamePro, is an highly enhanced APP to rename a photos or files series.

JcRenamePro is very useful if you want to rename your photos in order to classify and identify them by a name expressively defined instead of a generic sequential number or a date.
Have you visited Venice? Rename your photos as VENICE so that you can recall them immediately!

Its main characteristics are:
- elastic set ups to determine how to rename files (both for name and extension);
- automatic incremental numbering of the file name;
- visualisation of pictures or videos preview (only if correctly visualised on Android Gallery);
- immediate update of Android Gallery; by this means, using the Android Gallery, you can immediately view the renamed pictures, without having to start the multimedia scan;
- function which allows to restore the previous files names;
- options to manage also the hidden files and folders;

The free version JcRename was improved as follows:
- no advertising;
- the visual aspect and the menu organisation;
- pictures and videos preview was included;
- immediate update of Android Gallery was included;
- the possibility to rename also file extension was included;
- function which allows the to restore the previous files names;
- hidden files and folders management option was included;

In case of errors or malfunctions of the app, please write to this address "", with all the details: we will be glad to help you to solve in order to try to solve them, thank you.

- Patched version, "Lucky Patcher" and/or "Google Play Mod" are NOT needed nor required.
- Patched version by VeGas RoMeo™ @ HardC☠RE ✠ CustomZ

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Jan 2nd, 2015, 10:23 pm


Feb 2nd, 2015, 6:02 am
This is VERSION 1.5.0 BETA 7
Feb 2nd, 2015, 6:02 am

Version + Name
1.5: Cupcake
1.6: Donut
2.0, 2.1: Eclair
2.2: Froyo
2.3, 2.4: Gingerbread
3.x: Honeycomb
4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich
4.1, 4.2: JelleyBean
Feb 13th, 2020, 10:20 pm
Possible to update to the current v1.7? Much appreciated as always :) :) :)
Feb 13th, 2020, 10:20 pm