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Welcome to the Icon games!

Welcome to his warm, loving and friendly community on mobilism.
Here you can play games, make friends, get to know each other, and feel what it means to get along with each other,
while competing, or working together to achieve a quest. Participating doesn't cost you anything.
Some games you have to subscribe, some games you jump in on-the-go.
All simple, explained and open to questions in the event something is not clear.
Every game is rewarded with Icons, that you will learn to cherish, collect, trade and give away.
That's why we call them: The Icon games.

The Icon games are created and managed by Guy1731 and his wonderful angels:

Please send any of us PM if you have questions, or somehing isn't clear. We always reply.

You would like to know where everyone is from? Then take a look at our Time-zones topic.

Look here what the icons are that you can win: Icons Overview

Thank you for playing. Enjoy the Icon games, this Guy loves you!

These are the games and/or trading topics:

    Alessa's games: here
    Angel games: here
    Betting & guessing games: here
    Daily games & updates: here
    Desert games: here
    Dice games: here
    Dreamy's driving license games: here
    Dreamy's games: here
    Food & sweets games: here
    Friends games: here
    G & D games: here
    General games: here
    Goldie's games: here
    Icon memories: here
    Icon stacks: here
    'Kermis' games: here
    Letters, words & numbers games: here
    Limited players games: here
    Managing topics: here
    Mind games: here
    National days: here
    Nerves games: here
    Olympic games: here
    Playing with Icons. here
    Random guess grids: here
    Random spot games: here
    Rita makes a puzzle: here
    Rush & Race games: here
    Snow games: here
    Social games & topics: here
    Stacy's games: here
    Take the train games: here
    Timed Games: here
    Tournaments: here
    WRZ$ & Donation games: here
    Worldcup 2018 games: here
    Xpired games: here

    Thanks for playing! .

    • All merit for the joy that the Icon games bring you go to the people who support me. My angels ♥ and everyone who participates. Lifehacker & disk4mat for giving me the liberty to spend my free time on this site, flawlessdreamer, unconditionally by my side, friends in the background watching over me, and this whole community inspiring us by participating to the games.
    • Do you like to play? Have fun with friends on this forum? Distract yourself from your everyday routines? Then also have a look at our challenging contests in my mobilism CONTESTS section, and the original long-lasting games summarized in the Original Games List. Enjoy! - Guy

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