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Apr 8th, 2019, 3:56 pm
Portal Series (2-3) by Richard Bowker
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Overview: Critically acclaimed author Richard Bowker has published a variety of novels including science fiction, mysteries and thrillers. When he isn't writing, Richard enjoys offering thoughts on writing, reading and learning.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy

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#2 - Terra
Back to his normal life, Larry Barnes thinks he'll never again see the Portal—a strange device that took him to a parallel universe—until a beautiful woman appears and begs for his help.

The mysterious preacher Larry previously encountered in the parallel universe is in trouble on another world, and only Larry can save him.Against his better judgment, Larry enters the Portal, and finds himself in a desperate battle against a priesthood trying to kill the preacher—and now him.While struggling to defeat the priests and then return home, Larry senses he may have powers he never dreamed of, and that his fate is inextricably linked to the preacher... and the Portal.

#3 - Home
Earth-born Larry Barnes discovers his ability to move through the mulitverse via a portal of his own creation. A powerful and dangerous ability, Larry seeks the council of a priest named Affron, who has the same ability. But when Larry discovers Affron has disappeared from Terra, he risks following him to Elysium, leaving his friend Palta behind.

Palta, meanwhile, joins the rebellion against the new rulers of Terra, who turn out to be cruel and greedy tyrants while all the time longing for Larry to return to her.In pursuing Affron, Larry arrives in a world called Elysium, a refuge for others with the same power, which for many of them has been a mixed blessing. Years have passed, he is a young man now, misses Palta, and knows his family on Earth must think him long dead.Larry makes a courageous and risky decision to return to Terra, to rejoin Palta, to fight to return the priests to power and undo the damage of the past. Risking his life for Terra and for Palta, Larry struggles to answer a lifelong question: Where is home?

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Apr 8th, 2019, 3:56 pm


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