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Jan 14th, 2020, 3:10 pm
Big Dix Series by Penelope Wylde (1-2)
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Overview: Penelope Wylde is the naughty alter ego of a rebel southern belle who loves writing extra dirty, over-the-top romances that are NSFW. She loves beach time, sunsets, and all the book boyfriends she can fantasize about.
Genre: Romance


1. Mister Bad Boy Firefighter - You know the game, Never Have I Ever? Well, I did—every inch of him and then I left.
I had my reasons, but now I'm back in Big Dix—or Dixen, Alaska—and so is the hotshot firefighter turned fire chief I left at the altar.
It's been eight years and Aspen Kennedy still has it all: He’s hot as sin, hard in all the right places, induces Oh, god, yes moments and has brains too. Simple math, right? So you would think. But my younger self ran when the time came to say, ‘I do'. Biggest mistake of my life, but I moved on in order to save my heart.
I'll keep my distance, and since I have no interest in rekindling any romance with my high-school flame while I'm in town, that should be easy. My goal is to help my gran renovate her B&B before Christmas and then I’ll be back in the Big Apple, far away from Aspen.
But the man doesn't play fair and his memory of my body has me rethinking life on a grander scale, screaming his three favorite words and forgetting about my tight schedule and all the bullet points on my to-do lists. I suppose a few stolen moments of pleasure can be our little secret, right? Trouble is, the more he touches me and the more we’re together, the more I wonder what it would be like to wake up to a Big Dix man for the rest of my days… After the Christmas lights come down, will there be any magic left between us?

2. Mister Billionaire's Fake Bride - I'm the billionaire in need of a fake Christmas bride, she's the sweet wedding planner in need of a high-rolling client. Only I wish my body understood her sweet moans and perfect body are not part of the bridal package.
Weeks before Christmas I’m told my inheritance of the family billion-dollar company rests on the sole condition of marriage, so I'm forced to ring those wedding bells or watch the company I love be dismantled. All before Christmas.
Enter one sweet, irresistible Juniper Winters—my new wedding planner which should automatically take her off the list of possibilities.
I do my best to resist the fact that she’s sexy, smart, and has the prettiest bowed lips I bet taste like heaven and sin rolled into one.
Until we’re alone on a plane and then all those voluptuous curves and teasing kisses have me wondering if she’s as innocent as she seems. I didn’t mean to make us both mile-high club members or propose an idea that is equally crazy as it is terrible. By the time I have her screaming into the pillows we’ve struck a deal that might just save us both.
Never in a million years did I think I’d end up looking for a fake bride in Big Dix—or Dixen, Alaska— of all places. Trouble is, we seem to both forget anything we share is only temporary.

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1. Mister Bad Boy Firefighter

2. Mister Billionaire's Fake Bride
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2. Mister Billionaire's Fake Bride
Feb 14th, 2020, 3:06 pm