All eBook releases are available in this section. New releases have to be posted here.
Aug 2nd, 2011, 3:38 pm
These are the rules specific to the eBook section (in addition to the Site Rules)

Download Links/Mirrors
  • All new releases must provide at least one mirror (from a different filehost) to help users who cannot access a specific site due to regional limitations.
  • All new releases must provide at least one link from a supported filehost. (See the list here).
  • All new releases must offer at least one link from a host with no long waiting time between downloads for free users (Click here). In posts where all the links are from file hosts with long waiting periods (Nitroflare*, Rapidgator, Uploaded, Novafile etc.), free mirrors will be allowed.
  • File hosts that require registration to download are not allowed (e.g. 4shared). Only free links from free hosts are accepted.
  • URL shortening services are not allowed.

*27 Nov 2015: as of today, Nitroflare is no longer allowed in the eBooks section.

Allowed file formats
  • To keep up the quality in the ebook section, ONLY 3 of the following formats are allowed in your main download link:
    • ePUB
    • MOBI
    • AZW OR PDF*
  • *PDF files have to be uploaded separately if the size of the file exceeds 10 MB. Provide the PDF file in an additional link.
  • AZW is a proprietary format readable only on Kindle devices and therefore not allowed by itself, not everybody owns a Kindle.

  • Magazines: All magazines & newspapers must be posted in PDF format. Other formats can be added as secondary in the same release by the same poster.
    • If a magazine is posted in non-retail quality, a new release with retail PDF will be allowed.
  • Audiobooks: 64kbps is the recommended bitrate. Higher and lower bitrates are allowed as long as they don't exceed 128kbps. A higher level is unnecessary for spoken word and only results in an excessively large file size, unaffordable for users with lower bandwidths.
    • Allowed formats: MP3, M4A, WMA, M4B.
  • Downloads must not be pillowed out with unnecessary items: extra images (aside from the cover), wallpapers, etc.

Mirroring (of existing releases)
  • Mirrors are not allowed as long as the poster is active and can replace dead links.
      Exceptions (when moderators will request mirrors:)
    • Somebody asked the OP (Original Poster) for a link from a more user-friendly/supported file host and the OP could not provide it.
  • Posting unrequested mirrors in other OP's releases is NOT allowed. No exceptions.
  • Mirrors can only be requested by moderators. Mirrors posted in response to a moderator's request must quote said request along with the download links.
  • Mirrors can ONLY offer the titles in the original post - no more, no less.

Reposting releases (bad quality files, ARC files, absent posters)
  • Bad quality files/Obsolete formats (excluding v5.0 ePUB and retail PDF): Contact a moderator if you can offer a better quality file than the one already posted. Posters of lesser quality files will have the right to replace with better versions within 24 hours from notice before the post is removed to make way for a new release.
  • ARC files: Releases with ARC files can be reposted without previous notice, simply post a new release and a reply in the old thread with the announcement: "Reposted here with retail (link)".
  • Absent/Inactive posters: Releases by absent/inactive posters can be reposted without previous notice (up to 20 per poster / per day, 5 at a time max.). Simply post a new release and a reply in the old thread with a note: "Links dead, OP inactive. Reposted here (link)".
    • Make sure the OP is no longer active before reposting a release. If there is no signature indicating that the poster is not replacing links, check the 'last visited' info in the user's profile: posters are considered absent after 4 weeks since the last login. If in doubt, contact a moderator.
    • Make sure all the links are dead before reposting. We want to repost dead links, not working links.

New links requests
  • Please PM the ORIGINAL POSTER (OP) with re-up requests. DO NOT use the report button for dead links. The reports area is restricted to staff only, posters cannot see reports.
  • If you don't get a reply from the OP within a maximum of 3 days, you can post in the topic explaining that you sent a PM and received no response, or report to a moderator. More info here: eBook Forum Etiquette
    • Note to OPs: ignoring re-up request is equal to ignoring the rules and therefore a punishable offence.
    • Note to Users: only one request per user per day to the same poster is acceptable, more than that is considered spamming

  • If the Original Poster is no longer active or banned (see profile) or not replacing links as per the signature, post in the topic (e.g. "Links dead, OP inactive") so it can be moved to Expired and reposted by somebody else. DO NOT use the report button.

  • OPs are only required to replace one (1) link in older posts.
  • Replacing links in Magazine releases older than 6 months is not mandatory. Therefore, posting magazines older than 6 months is not allowed unless in yearly collections.

Expired releases
  • If you want to repost an expired release you must create a new release and post a reply in the old one: "reposted here [link to new release]".

Lists of Bestsellers
  • Lists of Bestsellers (e.g. New York Times Best Sellers; TOP 20 USA Today; Awards winners) are not allowed, no exceptions.
  • Personal lists of favourites (e.g. Oprah's Book Club; My Calibre Archives) are not allowed, no exceptions.
    • These lists are double posts in disguise, systematically repeated. Invariably, all books are already posted. (If the links are dead, read above)

Fooling us...
  • ... will result in a temporary ban


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27 Nov 2015 Nitroflare banned
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05 Apr 2019 supported link mandatory
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