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Children of the Changeling by J. Gregory Keyes
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Overview: Greg Keyes has a wonderful talent to take tried and true myths and legends, give them just the right twist and set them loose on his readers. The overall affect is a spellbinding web that forever binds his readers to his works.
The characters of both The Waterborn and The Black God are entirely delightful. Keyes managed to bring out not only the heroics and romance that every good fantasy novel needs, but also the flaws and mishaps of each character creating an undeniably real and lifelike glamour.
The overall theme of the series is filled to the brim with native american folklore and legend, allowing the novel to have a more fireside and rustic feel to it than the other rather caustic reads that entertain many fantasy shelves.

1. The Waterborn (1996)
The River flowed through all the land, deep and unstoppable, a god in his own right. His head was in the mountains; his arms embraced the outlands; his body lay at the core of all the civilized realms; and his legs stretched on to the distant sea. Dark and sluggish, he rolled unchallenged, dreaming his own invincible might and glory into stark reality.
Everywhere he touched, the River God held dominion. And in Nhol, the fabled city at the heart of the world, an emperor ruled as the living aspect of the god, presiding over the splendors and intrigues of a prosperous land and a glittering court.
Hezhi was an imperial princess; her blood carried the seeds of the River's power. When her favorite cousin disappeared, Hezhi searched throughout the sumptuous palace with its ghosts and priests, giants and courtiers, and frightening creatures of wizardry. And the magic within her began to grow; soon it must attract dangerous attention. Hezhi's anxious quest ripened into a desperate fight for her own life--a battle she could not hope to win alone.
Small wonder that the princess wished for a hero.
And far away, a hero's journey began...
2. The Blackgod (1997)
The fabulous sequel to Keyes' breathtaking first novel, The Waterborn. Into the rich and dangerous land beyond the River's reach comes a surprising refugee: Hezhi, the River's own daughter, running for her life. Only the Blackgod--a dangerous creature of guile and cunning--claims to have a way for Hezhi to defeat the River.

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