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5 Novels by Gordon R. Dickson
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Overview: Gordon Rupert Dickson was an American science fiction author. He was born in Canada, then moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota as a teenager. He is probably most famous for his Childe Cycle and the Dragon Knight series. He won three Hugo awards and one Nebula award.
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy


None But Man : Border warfare on the Pleiades:
The Pleiades Planets, the last outpost of the human frontier, has become an interstellar hotbed. The unhuman Moldaug Ambassador to the Tri Worlds Council warned that the Pleiades belonged to the Aliens, and that the Moldaug are ready to attack the whole human race if the Frontier is not evacuated immediately.
Would the diplomats of the Old Worlds sacrifice the border colonies in a panic attempt to avert galaxial war? If so, one Frontiersman was prepared to wage a guerilla war all his own!

The Last Master : A repressively benevolent bureaucracy, intent on limiting and harnessing the effects of an IQ-boosting drug known as R-47, is thwarted by an underground led by an R-Master, latest of the drug-produced supergeniuses. Our hero's apolitical to start with but his chemically expanded perspective reveals the flaws in his superficial utopia. Energetically suspenseful, though the intriguing premise of an intelligence-enhancing drug might have been more fully developed.--Kirkus

The Wolfling : One hundred years into the future, the first expedition from Earth reaches Alpha Centurai III and discovers that all life, including humankind, is governed by the Throne World and Earth is only a primitive outpost, but one man from Earth will show the High-Born something unexpected.

The Forever Man : An ancient starship is found adrift in space, damaged by alien Laagi warships. The voice of its pilot still survives - a mind merged with the ship itself.
Now, Earth's scientists attempt to duplicate the feat. Pilot Jim Wander has been chosen for the dangerous mission. His spirit transferred from his body to his own ship, Wander must make peace with the Laagi...Or lose his ship and his mind.

Hour of the Horde : Annihilating everything before it, a horde of monstrous space travelers were advancing through the stars. And Earth lay in their route.
To defend their home planets, the worlds that lay in the path of the monsters created a super defense force, asking each planet to contribute one especially talented warrior to help turn the invaders away.
Miles Vander was Earth's man, but when he arrived at the rendezvous point he found that he was included in the special task force of the less civilized defenders. But in the contest of advanced nuclear weaponry and computer strategy, it turned out to be Vander's group that had the special independent qualities and the raw courage to meet the challenge the most effectively.

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