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The Ranch series by Brian Quest (#1,2,3)
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Overview: Brian Quest is the author of the Post Apocalyptic Series; Ranch Series , and three books been released so far in it.
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

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#1 Troubled Times
One year after an EMP destroyed all that people had come to rely on to survive, one man fights to keep his daughters safe from harm. But doing so will put him face-to-face with a society that is remarkably different from the one he used to know.

It’s kill or be killed in this post-apocalyptic world, where surviving is no longer a guarantee of future safety and dying is not an option, especially for a man who has lost so much and still has so much left to live for.

Can Andrew keep his daughters safe from harm or will he die trying?

#2 Mischief And Mayhem
Basic survival has been the name of the game for Andrew Smith. When his safety and the safety of the members of his compound, including his young daughters, is threatened, he knows it will be up to him to keep danger at bay. But staving off the inevitable won’t be easy. This new danger has found them and now a battle for their ranch and their lives has ensued.

Will Andrew be able to circumvent an attack before it’s too late? Can he maintain control over the Ranch?

#3 Unity
In the midst of chaos, Andrew Smith finds himself at the crossroads between doing what he has to do to ensure the safety of the group or risk disappointing those who’ve come to rely on him.

With so many people counting on him and danger looming, can Andrew see beyond the chaos and do what it takes to quell his daughters’ fears and keep the group intact?

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#1 Troubled Times

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