Chick lit, historical, contemporary, fantasy, time-travel, paranormal romance
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Lacey Thorn's Bare Series, Books 1-7
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Overview: Lacey Thorn spends her days in small town Indiana the proud mother of three. When she is not busy with one of them she can be found typing away on her computer keyboard or burying her nose in a good book. Like every woman she knows just how chaotic life can be and how appealing that great escape can look. So toss aside the stress and tension of the never ending to do list. For now sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride with Lacey. It's your world...unlaced


It was just another day in the small town of Legacy for sexy gym owner Moira Madigan and her best friend Cass. Until they investigated a noise and stumbled upon the body of the latest victim of the rapist and killer who was preying on the women in their town. Now being stalked by this madman, Moira is put under the protective custody of Detective Gil Daniels. He's tall, dark, handsome and just about the sexiest thing she's ever seen. The good news is he's crazy about her too. The bad news is so is the killer and he'll use anyone to get to her.

Can she trust the detective to keep her body safe or only to bring her the ultimate pleasure a woman can have? Sex with Gil Daniels is better than anything she's ever dreamed of and she just might be falling in love. All she has to do is survive meeting his family and avoid the obsessed killer and she might find that happily ever after.

While dealing with having to kill a man and losing her teaching position, Katie finds solace at Knowledge Is Power by leading women's group therapy. Secrets and lies are all around her and the one Detective Ben Marcum is keeping may just be the biggest of all. Ben is hiding more than anyone knows, even his best friend and partner Detective Gil Daniels. Will he trust Katie with the truth and his heart? Will their bare confessions stir the fire or blow it out?

Cass Sinclair has spent the last five months at home with her parents, helping to care for her mother who was dying of cancer. After her mother's funeral Cass returns to Legacy for her friend Moira's wedding.

First on her list of things to do is Moira's bachelorette party at the home of the brother of the groom, Doug Daniels, and his best friend and business partner Damon Roberts. Cass meets Doug and Damon when she's demonstrating how to walk on her hands, wearing nothing but her lacy underwear and three-inch red high heels. For the three of them it is lust at first sight and it just may lead to something more, something bigger, something so much better than they ever dreamed.

But someone doesn't like Cass' new romance and they'll do anything to stop it, even murder.


Ally wants one thing--to stop the man who killed her mother from killing anyone else. What She finds is more than she ever imagined. Blake, the fire marshal in Legacy, has finally met his match in the woman he mistakes for a pyromaniac. But the fire they ignite together is sure to burn them both in the flames of passion.

Catherine Daniels is fighting flames of her own. The time has come for her to decide what she wants--life with the man she is coming to love, or letting him walk away because of her fears and uncertainties. It is a decision that she struggles with every moment… Until the night she may lose the ability to choose at all.

After coming face-to-face with the woman he believes to be his niece, Jack Madigan looks for answers about his brother who died long ago. His search leads him to a town known as hidden Falls and a woman who sets his body on fire with a raging lust that just might lead to love.

Julia White is already behind on missing-persons cases at the Hidden Falls Police Department. Then she has a one-night stand with a stranger she can't get out of her mind. He makes her body burn with unquenchable desire. Sex with him is a full-body experience that she never wants to end.

Hidden Falls, the place where people go to disappear. And where some discover more than they ever imagined.

Reluctantly, Charlie Tate heads out to a cabin in the woods offered to him by close friend and fellow detective Gil Daniels for a few days of enforced leave. Some beers, a hot shower and a sexual fantasy featuring his dream girl, Detective Miranda Duncan. It could only be better if she were with him.

Determined to seduce Charlie, Miranda follows him to the secluded cabin. When he answers the door in nothing but a towel, the gloves come off--along with said towel! Before the weekend is over, she will love every inch of Charlie and convince him they belong together. Little does she know, he has the same plan.

Let the seduction begin…

Stace needs help finding her missing sister. What she gets is Donavan Shepard. Shep is everything a woman could ever desire in a man and much, much more. Hell, he reminds her of a Viking; all she wants is to be ravished over and over again.

Shep wants to find a woman who he can bare all with, keeping nothing hidden. Stace seems to be the one. Can he help her find her sister and convince her to give them a chance? One taste of her lush flesh and he'll do whatever he can to achieve both.

Genre: Romantic Suspense

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