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Love’s First Response Series (Books 1 ~4))
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Overview: Writing is Sara’s life. The stories fight to get out, often leaving her working on four or five books at once. She can’t help but write. Along with her writing addiction she has a coffee addiction. Some nights, the only reason she stops writing and goes to sleep is for the fresh brewed coffee in the morning.
Genre: Fiction | Romance MM


Cops, Cakes, and Coffee (Love’s First Response, #1) After Drake Knowles embarrasses himself in front of Adam Hughes he doesn't see a way for them to ever be together, but sometimes laughter creates a bigger attraction than seduction.
Drake Knowles hides his sexual identity from his macho cop buddies. He doesn't plan on stepping one foot outside of the closet but then he meets Adam Hughes and everything he thought about himself is challenged. Adam makes him feel amazing and it's not just the sex. Adam has been out for ages and doesn't want to hide who he is, but dating a police officer is different than any other relationship he has ever had. Danger threatens their peace, exposing them to the community and to all of Drake's friends.

Firemen, Flames, and Fettuccine (Love's First Response, #2) Grady Madison thinks his goofy clown suit is a huge turn off for the hot bear, Paul Sessa. But sometimes goofy is more appealing than suave.
When Grady Madison was forced out of the closet he thought his life would change for the worse, but he soon realizes he can date men without having to hide it from his co-workers. Attraction fires when he runs into Paul Sessa, filling him with fiery hot desire. Taking things slow is the plan, until they wind up with pants around their ankles before their first real date.
Paul Sessa wants a man of his own and not just another hookup. But that guy has to pass his daughter’s scrutiny, and she’s one smart cookie.

Medics, Mayhem, and Mojitos (Love's First Response, #3) Liam Noble has a hard time talking to guys. When he meets the sexy Jordan McKelvey he's more than speechless
When Liam Noble meets Jordan McKelvey the sparks fly, but Liam is too shy to act. Because Liam is so quiet in person, Jordan wonders if his feelings are one-sided. If only he could get Liam to open up.
But one night in the bar's stockroom shows Jordan just how interested Liam is. Then Liam disappears and Jordan thinks he's made a huge mistake falling for Liam, but when he finds out where Liam is, everything changes.

Holiday Emergencies (Love's First Response #4) When being ready takes on new meaning and coffee may not be enough to save Drake and Adam.
Adam Hughes keeps over committing, but this time he's committed both he and Drake Knowles to something beyond anything they've ever experienced before. Drake has never really contemplated being a parent until Boyd and Ben come into their lives. He's amazed at how awesome they all get along and how rewarding parenting is. Then all hell breaks loose when Boyd and Ben's father shows up. Will Adam and Drake be able to prove they are the perfect parents for the boys, or will they lose the two kids who have become their heart and soul just as the Christmas season gets into full swing.

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Firemen, Flames, and Fettuccine (Love's First Response, #2)
Medics, Mayhem, and Mojitos (Love's First Response, #3)
Holiday Emergencies (Love's First Response #4)

Apr 15th, 2018, 3:41 am