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Oct 7th, 2018, 4:24 pm
Lewd Dungeon Omnibus 1 (1-4) by Stuart Grosse
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Overview: I'm a rookie author, looking to write stories that I enjoy writing. Not gonna get awards, but honestly, I'm happy with each and every person that reads my work.

Stuart is a sci-fi and anime geek, who dabbles in tabletop and video gaming. He enjoys cosplaying and has gone to DragonCon annually since 2009.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


#1 - Welcome to the Apocalypse
65 million years ago, an asteroid hit Earth, wiping out the dinosaurs and changing the course of life on this planet forever. What we didn't know is that this impact disconnected Earth from the Multispacial Aether Nodal Aggregation (MANA) network, and the System. Life continued, but it wasn't until a passing science vessel noticed that an entire planet of sentients had grown up without the system that anyone realized something was wrong. A repair team was sent out, but they were killed and stuck in a lab by the natives before they could finish the job. Until a certain President visited Area 51, and pushed the button that changed the world.

But this story isn't about that President (he's got blown up, anyways). It is about a complete scum of a human being, an absolutely horrible person who gets forcibly changed from a Human to a Dungeon Core thanks to the fact that humans are too common in his area. So what does a bastard do if he's taken from his old life as a pervy high school coach and thrust into the role of a dungeon?

#2 - Open to the Public
What happens when a perverted bastard gets turned into a dungeon? Pretty much exactly what you'd expect. But the dungeon has been explored by the military now, and is open to the public, for those adventurers brave enough to venture in and risk it all in the search of power, riches, or the ultimate thrill. But how will a dungeon that revolves around plants and slimes evolve once the second floor opens up?

#3 - Demons of the Past
What happens when a perverted bastard gets turned into a dungeon? Pretty much exactly what you'd expect. The Military and local adventurers have been flocking to the dungeon, hoping to raise their levels and gain loot necessary to survive following the System Apocalypse. Some thrive, and some have all their hopes and dreams cruelly snatched away. But what happens when the Demon of the Dungeon is visited by someone from his past?

#4 - Slimes and Goblins
As the Miami Adventurer's Guild sends out their members to subjugate the local Goblin population to sacrifice to the dungeon in hope of getting better loot (and fewer encounters with Captain Hentai), a Paladin from the Demon's time as a human has come to challenge him, hoping to destroy her old tormentor once and for all. But as other forces begin moving in the outside world, what will happen to the dungeon known for all the sexy horrors one can hope to find?

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