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Feb 5th, 2019, 1:43 am
Forbidden Arcana Series by Tamryn Tamer (1-3)
Requirements: epub reader, 461 kb
Overview: Tamryn Tamer is known for tawdry fantasy stories focused around filthy elves, fairies, demons, and really any other mythical creature.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


1. Jinx - Mages are weak? No. Everybody else is just doing it wrong. At least that's what the developers said.
In Forbidden Arcana you could pick up a sword, swing it around, and become a powerful warrior in no time. Magic, not so much. The most powerful mage in the game was only capable of casting a fire pillar, Jericho was the fifth most powerful. Needless to say he was equally unimpressive.
He could have changed classes a hundred times, but from the moment he cast his first fireball, Jericho was hooked on magic. Nothing compared to the electric feeling as fire and air mixed at his finger tips creating an explosion...even if it did injure him half the time.
So, when he meets Jinx, a familiar who's knowledge of magic is only matched by her knowledge of insults, Jericho's perfectly willing to bind himself to her in exchange for teaching him magic. Now all he needs to do is figure out how he's going to pay for her expensive tastes and keep up with her more physical demands.

2. Ariel - Thirteen types of magic to master. Fire, earth, water, wind, spirit, mind, body, time, space, light, dark, life, and death. Jericho has a long way left to go before he truly becomes the mage he aspires to be.
Ever since binding himself to Jinx, Jericho's knowledge and control of magic was progressing daily. His elemental magic flourished and with Jinx's help his spirit magic was advancing swiftly...at least he thought so. Jinx would say he was slow and inept.
Jericho also needed to find more familiars in order to unlock new types of magic. And although Jinx revealed that a fairy familiar would unlock mind magic for Jericho, nobody knew where to look. The only hint he'd found was a mention of a landmark in the center of a rotting forest full of monsters.
But between meeting the needs of his insatiable familiar, investigating dying forests, and helping his friend Terra avoid bounty hunters, Jericho wasn't even sure if he could handle another familiar

3. Mirage - Jericho had wealth, power, and two beautiful familiars. A smart man would have quit while he was ahead. But, as his familiar Jinx was so fond of pointing out, Jericho was an idiot.
He'd acquired a massive manor, enormous wealth, and was indisputably the number one mage in Forbidden Arcana. Yet that wasn't enough to satisfy him. He was going to find a shapeshifter and learn a new type of magic even if it killed him.
But a shapeshifter wasn't easy to find. The only place that might have the information on finding a shapeshifter was Raycastle, a city full of players who spent their time capturing and killing magical creatures.
If that wasn't enough of a hassle, the dominatrix advisor to his familiar Ariel has developed an interested in making Jericho her pet. Which he'd be fine with if it weren't interfering with his hunt for a new familiar. But nobody said the life of a depraved mage was easy.

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