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6 Novels by Clare Connelly
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Overview: Clare Connelly writes romance that will set your soul on fire. She is the best-selling author of more than fifty indie romance novels and in August 2017 published her debut novel for Harlequin Presents, and also writes for Harlequin Dare. She reads and writes romance voraciously, and lives in a small bungalow by the sea with her lovely husband, two small children and a hard-working team of MacBooks.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


Bought by The Sheikh
Marriage to Sheikh Zayn Al-melara was the only way to save her father's fortune, but Julia has one problem. Zayn has already broken her heart once. Dare she put herself in his hands once more?
Zayn never forgave Julia Cosgrove-Howard for the way their relationship ended. Four years on, his plan is ready to set in motion and he ruthlessly carries it out. Only marriage to Julia is more than he bargained for, because he never counted on falling in love with his bride.

Betrayed by the CEO
Top-powered solicitor Hendrix Forrester is no stranger to success. From grief and loss, like a Phoenix rises from the ashes, he’s built his way to the top of his profession. He can have anything and anyone he wants in life. Except for the one thing he desires most: revenge on the man who killed his sister.
Until, that is, a chance meeting brings him face to face with a beautiful and bewitching woman. Desperately in need of legal help, a mistake leads Chloe to Hendrix’s door. He’s fascinated by her at first, but when he finds out her connection to his haunted past, he knows she holds the key to the payback he’s craved for so long.
But using Chloe to avenge his sister’s death will mean hurting Chloe, and Hendrix has to weigh up what he wants more: revenge on his enemy, or a ‘happily ever after’ with the woman of his dreams…

The Greek Tycoon's Forbidden Affair
He knows it's wrong, but he has to have her...
Loucas Aleksandros lives life in the fast lane. He is dynamic, powerful, and wealthy beyond imagining. He has no interest in emotional ties. When his twin sister dies, leaving him as the sole guardian of a four year old boy, he hires professionals to raise the boy rather than unsettle his own life.
And he's certainly not prepared for his nephew's psychologist to send his temper skyrocketing. Compared to his usual lovers, she's ordinary and bookish. But his need for her grows in proportion to his realization that she must be, forever, off limits. After all, how can he pursue a woman hired to help his nephew? Then again, how can he not?

The Italian's Innocent Bride
A marriage in tatters. A life half-lived.
Jane Lang, innocent and starved of love, was an easy target for a man like Carlo Santini. He swept into her life and made her love him. How could she not? Apart from his obvious physical attributes (tall, dark and handsome on speed) he was commanding, powerful, intelligent and interesting. And he claimed to love her too.
It hadn't taken long for Jane to realise she didn't have what was necessary to hold Carlo's interest. After months of being ignored and rejected, Jane finally saw that their marriage was a farce.
Three years later, Jane thinks she's over Carlo. But a freak accident brings them together again, and this time, Carlo isn't letting her walk away. As their passionate flame reignites with a greater strength than ever before, Jane slowly begins to unravel a web of lies and deceit - with Carlo at the centre. Everything she thought she knew about her husband is shaken to the core. So how can she believe that he ever loved her? That he might love her again?

His Nine Month Seduction
One night, with consequences...
After the breakup of his disastrous marriage, Lord Theo Trevalyen sure as hell doesn’t want another relationship. For the first time in his adult life he’s footloose and fancy free and he plans to make the most of it.
But a steamy one-night stand with the innocent Imogen Harper changes everything when she turns up in his life three months later… just as sexy as ever, and most-definitely pregnant!
Imogen wants to raise the baby on her own but the billionaire bachelor has other ideas! Before she knows it, she’s living with him, laughing with him, and spending all her energy trying not to fall back in bed with him. But does Theo have an ulterior motive in seducing Imogen? Is their romance too good to be true? Can she trust him – not just with her heart, but with her baby?
A sexy tale of seduction and lust, lies and betrayal… fall in love with Theo and Imogen in HIS NINE MONTH SEDUCTION, the latest romance from International Bestseller Clare Connelly.

The Tycoon's Virgin Mistress
Nate Anderson is used to getting what he wants. From the first moment he sees Missy, he knows he wants her. Only he hadn't counted on the beautiful woman being a twenty four year old virgin!
After the blistering invective Nate levels at Missy following their amazing night of passion, she swears she never wants to see him again.
But then, her life takes a dramatic turn of events, and all of a sudden, the one man she has sworn to hate is the one person she can turn to.
A simple plea for help turns into a dangerous game of seduction. Desperate to find a way to keep Missy in his life until he is ready to let her go, on his terms, he offers her a job. One she can't turn down. And one that will change both of their lives, forever.

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