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Wolves in the Fae Court series by Marie Medina (#1-2)
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Overview: Marie Medina was born in northern New England and raised by her pale, mysterious godfather in a dark gothic mansion on the edge of her small, sleepy town. He didn't turn out to be a Bronte hero or a vampire, as she thought when she was very young, but he is her best friend and the standard by which she measures all her heroes (and suitors).
Genre: Romance, Paranormal | MM

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Hunted By His Alpha (#1): Gregor arrives in the fae court ready to cement an alliance. When he finds his mate there, he doesn’t hesitate to make their union a part of the momentous event, even though he neglects to inform his newly found mate about any of this.

Jared is drawn to the Alpha of the wolf pack immediately, unable to resist the man’s touch and more than willing to go to his bed. But when Gregor decides their official mating is a done deal, Jared bristles. He sets out to teach the shifter a lesson about respect, despite the fact all he really wants to do is submit. When the Alpha is denied and told to learn how to properly court a fae, he finds something very interesting in the ancient texts of the palace library. And then, The Hunt begins…

Claimed by His Beta (#2): Luke accompanied his Alpha to the fae court to do his job, nothing more. Since his mate’s death, he’s been fine with a few nights of solace here and there. He’s never needed anything more than that.

But his gaze keeps drifting to one fae in particular—Dane, the best friend of his Alpha’s newly found mate. When he finds out a human hurt Dane years ago, his protective instincts rise and refuse to be calmed. Protective feelings soon turn possessive as he learns more about the beautiful fae. Dane’s more than willing to come to his bed, but Luke wants more than that. Far, far more.

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