Speculative fiction, alternative worlds, futuristic, supernatural, horror
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Legends of the Kilanor series by Jared Stone (#1-3)
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Overview: Born and raised in Massachusetts, Jared received an undergraduate education in International Affairs, Religion & Philosophy, and Chinese language in Washington, DC. He then moved on to receive his International MBA in Denver, CO. He now works as a traveling process improvement consultant in the United States.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy

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1. Genesis
To Lucian, nothing seems more stressful than heading off to college to begin his life as an adult. That is, until he’s tasked with defeating a demon, achieving enlightenment, and saving the world…, all while managing to turn in his weekly homework assignments. As Lucian’s reality is turned upside down, his life becomes filled with supernatural forces, emotional turmoil, and physical hardships. Through it all, Lucian’s success will depend solely on his willingness and ability to develop himself into the hero he’s destined to be, in both a journey of self-discovery and the genesis of a new legend.

2. Rebirth
In only his first semester of college, Lucian is already discovering that life can be pretty complicated..., especially when it’s lived more than once! As new threats arise and old friends return, Lucian must step up and lead his allies in their resistance against unknown adversaries. If Lucian can just find a way to thwart the masked Samael and his sinister aspirations, he might be able to resurrect hope for the future of this world. But does he truly have what it takes to succeed, or will his best intentions ultimately result in disaster?

3. Desire
Lucian wants nothing more than to be the hero everyone suddenly expects him to be. However, in light of recent setbacks, it seems as though this faith might actually be misplaced. With the emergence of a powerful new evil seeking to destroy Lucian and his friends, Lucian will have to travel great lengths – and depths – to protect the future of this world. Lucian’s ardent desire to save everyone will put him on a path toward an uncertain fate, and his virtues could be the only thing preventing the annihilation of everything he holds dear.

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