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The Charmcaster by Whiskey Flowers
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Overview: I know a bunch of you have been asking exactly you the heck I am. First off, my name is Whiskey Flowers, I was active duty army and now I am a proud member of the New Mexico National Guard. In my day job, I am a corrections officer, I watch the best and brightest Albuquerque has to offer and make little money doing it. I am originally from Oakland, California, home of dumbasses and knuckleheads everywhere where I attempted to become their leader until the army put me on a different path. As many of you have pointed out, I never got my high school diploma, I am a GED student but I make it look good. If any of you are ever in New Mexico and want a drinking partner, I got you.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


The Charmcaster
Duke of the Glades, John Duncan has always done things for the good of the kingdom. He married one of the women from the mountain tribes to make the new alliance go smoother and was prepared to live with her for the rest of his days. Things did not go according to plan, their son was born with a handicap that others in the kingdom would never overlook. Instead of being born a mage like his parents, Rell Duncan was born a charmcaster. Young Rell is sent away and his father remarries to have an heir the people will accept. Now as a grown man Rell has returned to claim his birthright from his younger brother despite what others think about him and prove no mage is a match for The Charmcaster.

The Elemental
Allen is one of the few Elementals in the kingdom of Atropia, powerful magic users that can control one of the five elements and is tasked with protecting the royal family. While Allen is still young civil war breaks out, powerful mages have slain the king and the only remaining heir is put into his care. As Allen grows the kingdom he knew as Atropia has transformed itself into a republic, there is no more king or even nobles. This is not enough for some of the mages in the republic, they will not rest until every last member of the royal family is dead, Allen is the only thing standing in their way. Join Allen as he grows into his magic and proves his magic is the strongest of all.

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The Charmcaster https://www.centfile.com/015wj2mphcwe
The Elemental https://www.centfile.com/qzbbndkqqrzk
The Charmcaster http://www.restfilee.com/demwag1lr34n/casters.epub.html
The Elemental http://www.restfilee.com/w2q57mevktwo/Elemes.epub.html
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