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Blood Runners Series by Justin Sloan, George S. Mahaffey Jr. (1-3)
Requirements: epub reader, 929 kb 328 kb 284 kb
Overview:George S. Mahaffey Jr. is a lawyer, screenwriter, and author.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


1. Absolution - In a futuristic New Chicago where justice is meted out via a barbaric system called Absolution, you can either level up or check out.
Nobody knows this better than Marisol, a super-powered tracker whose job involves hunting down “Runners,” people who’ve been paid bounties to become suspects in crimes committed by the wealthy.
On the verge of becoming the city’s premier Hunter, she stumbles upon a young Runner who holds the key to a conspiracy that could topple New Chicago’s dictator–and threatens everything she’s ever believed in.

2. Designated Survivors - Whether hunter or prey, survival doesn't come easy on the other side of the wall.
After escaping from New Chicago, Marisol and Elias take shelter in the quarantine zone only to be stalked by nightmarish, blood-enhanced creatures called Threshers. But that’s not the worst of it as they find themselves struggling to survive against Longman’s assassins and weaponized Reaper mechs who are hunting them down.
All is not lost, however, as Marisol’s enhancements keep them in the clear long enough to find a small group of survivors. Joining forces with the potential allies, they're forced to confront their fears and work together to find a way to topple New Chicago’s brutal dictator before he discovers a secret weapon to destroy the world.

3. Requiem - The dictator must die and, with new levels and skills, our heroes might actually stand a chance.
They've braved the land beyond the walls and faced nightmarish Threshers and Reaper mechs. Marisol has reached new levels and unlocked blood enhancements, and Elias has found a power that might prove to be instrumental in the final battle. On top of all that, the pair possess something they’ve never had before: allies and weapons.
There's only one way forward, however, and that path lies through destroying the dictator of New Chicago. The duo must use everything at their disposal in what’s sure to be a suicide mission, a return to the city to end Longman’s reign once and for all.
But Longman won’t go quietly, and he’s got an ancient weapon to back him up, one that’s capable of destroying the world.

Download Instructions:

1. Absolution

2. Designated Survivors

3. Requiem
Apr 14th, 2019, 3:14 pm
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2. Designated Survivors
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