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Red Harlequin Graphic Novel Series by Roberto Ricci (#1-2)
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Overview: Roberto Ricci is a fiction novel, short story and screenplay writer. He is best known for The Red Harlequin, his bestselling YA Fantasy series. The series has been translated in French and adapted into graphic novels. A TV project is also under way. During his long and varied career Roberto has worked as a journalist, been an officer in the Italian Army and a Senior Executive at Rainbow, a leading children's entertainment company. He has lived in Tokyo, New York, Rome, Milan, Paris, and London and attended NYU and the European Business School.
Genre: Comics


The Black Nation (#1)
"Our world is different from yours. What matters here is your Chrome. You are born with it. You cannot change it. If you are Blue, you will always be Blue. Or, if you're Black like me, you will always be Black. Except for Harlequins of course. Some say Harlequins are the result of cross breeding between Chromes. Others say they were sent by the Gods to remind us how fortunate we Chromes really are. All I know is that Harlequins can talk like us and even act like us. But they are not like us." Our story begins in a world where nations are divided in colors and where everyone wears masks. More precisely, the curtain rises in the Black Nation where a Harlequin is about to be hanged...

The Wheel of Chance (#2)
Enter a world where everyone wears masks, and where the color you belong to determines who you are and where you will live. ...And if you will live. In the second volume of the Red Harlequin Graphic Novel, Asheva has left the Black Nation but will the Black Nation leave him? In his desperate fugitive run from Axyum he encounters Astor, a Green chrome who is headed to the Harvest Faire, the biggest fair in the land. There, in the shadow of a gigantic pyramid, a torture wheel called the Wheel of Chance awaits chromes of every color as well as... Harlequins.

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Apr 17th, 2019, 1:56 am

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