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Taming series by Wes Havoc ( books 1-3 )
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 397 KB
Overview: Wes Havoc is the pen name used by the author. Born and raised in Cincinnati, she has always enjoyed creativity. At a very young age, Pepper had a gift for art and would spend most of her spare time drawing images that she later began adding stories behind. Soon writing became more important than the illustrations and though she still loved art, it took a back seat to her real love.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


The Brat
Barely legal and completely forbidden...
Ever since his father re-married, Ben has been dealing with more problems than he ever expected. From his step-mother humiliating him to his spoiled step-sister, Ben tries his best to keep himself out of the way and out of trouble.
He even works as a lab rat so he can pay his loans.
Against all the odds, the pills he took today gave him the best side effects.
And he finally has the chance to take full control of his whole life.
TAMING is a new multi-part series by Wes Havoc. It's full of explicit sex scenes and insults, and deals with taboo themes of mind control and harem, so 18+ only!

Two down, one to go...
Ben tamed his brat of a step-sister and his shrew of a teacher… Now it’s time for the final boss.
Are the effects going to help him tame his step-mother…
…Or is this decision the one that’s going to end him?

The Teacher
She can't wait to teach him a new lesson...
After spending the weekend getting closer to his step-sister, Ben is ready to go back to college.
He can't wait to use the side effects of the pills to fix his life, get some better grades,...
He didn't expect his hot teacher would want to teach him some new things!

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