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Nocturnal Creatures series by Aurelia T. Evans (#1-3)
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Overview: Aurelia T. Evans is an up-and-coming erotica author with a penchant for horror and the supernatural.
Genre: Romance, Erotic | Paranormal

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Longest Night (#1): For when devil offers a winter rose,
If rose turns red, he’ll bleed your soul.

In the realm of the Crimson Kingdom, the demon king descends from his dark, dangerous castle on Longest Night to take for himself a new wife. She must be unmarried and unmarred by men, a pure sacrifice for the devil.

Asha of the Gray is one of the few women in the kingdom whom no man will marry and whom no man has marred, though she has had to fight every day to keep herself unruined, with the kingdom brothels just across from where she begs for coin every day. When the demon king gifts her a winter rose and chooses her as his bride, he marks her for death. But though his castle is dark and strange and the king himself monstrous, not all is as it seems, and death may be a more welcome alternative than anything the Crimson Kingdom offers an unwanted woman like her.

Series Content Advisory: MF, FF, MM, and various iterations; warning for horror elements such as violence, gore, and unconventional sex.

Beasts (#2): Beware the woods, where wild wolves prowl.
Beware their teeth, their demon howl.

With the king traveling to the Jagged to investigate the ghost kingdoms in the north, his wolf warrior guard and their captain, Rafe, keep his castle secure and protect his new queen. After just beginning to discover the pleasures of a dark, wicked life married to a monster and free of the kingdom, losing the king leaves Asha burning with preternatural fever and, given her profound distaste for human men, no one left but wolves to quench it. The mercurial captain proves a more significant obstacle than his claimed indifference should allow, but Asha has developed a taste for sharp teeth.

Series Advisory: MF, FF, MM, and various combinations; horror-related violence and gore, bloodplay.

Grayling (#3)(June 2019): But above all, Crimson daughters here, It is the king whom you should fear.

The king returns to a wife's fever yearning for the coolness of his dead skin and a captain reluctant to give in to his fundamental desire to dominate his queen.

Just when everything seems to have settled into something as close to perfect as Asha can imagine, she awakens back in the Gray with no idea how she arrived there—whether stolen from the arms of the castle's monsters or discarded by the monsters themselves. In the midst of the mystery, Asha must contend with the a world she gladly left behind and which is none too happy at her return.

Series Advisory: MF, FF, MM, and various combinations; horror-related violence and gore, bloodplay.

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