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Sep 7th, 2019, 9:52 pm
Inferno by Ellen Datlow (Editor)
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Overview: As stated in her introduction to Inferno, Ellen Datlow asked her favorite authors for stories that would "provide the reader with a frisson of shock, or a moment of dread so powerful it might cause the reader outright physical discomfort; or a sensation of fear so palpable that the reader feels compelled to turn on the bright lights and play music or seek the company of others to dispel the fear."Mission accomplished. Datlow has produced a collection filled with some of the most powerful voices in the field: Pat Cadigan, Terry Dowling, Jeffrey Ford, Christopher Fowler, Glen Hirshberg, K. W. Jeter, Joyce Carol Oates, and Lucius Shepard, to name a few. Each author approaches fear in a different way, but all of the stories' characters toil within their own hell. An aptly titled anthology, Inferno will scare the pants off readers and further secure Ellen Datlow's standing as a preeminent editor of modern horror.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy Horror


Introduction by Ellen Datlow
Riding Bitch by K.W. Jeter
Misadventure by Stephen Gallagher
The Forest by Laird Barron
The Monsters of Heaven by Nathan Ballingrud
Inelastic Collisions by Elizabeth Bear
The Uninvited by Christopher Fowler
13 O’Clock by Mike O’Driscoll
Lives by John Grant
Ghorla by Mark Samuels
Face by Joyce Carol Oates
An Apiary of White Bees by Lee Thomas
The Keeper by P. D. Cacek
Bethany’s Wood by Paul Finch
The Ease with Which We Freed the Beast by Lucius Shepard
Hushabye by Simon Bestwick
Perhaps the Last by Conrad Williams
Stilled Life by Pat Cadigan
The Janus Tree by Glen Hirshberg
The Bedroom Light by Jeffrey Ford
The Suits at Auderlene by Terry Dowling

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Sep 7th, 2019, 9:52 pm