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Sep 8th, 2019, 9:55 pm
24 Books by Eric S. Brown
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Overview: Eric S Brown is the author of numerous books including the Bigfoot War series, the Kaiju Apocalypse series, and the Homeworld series. Some of his stand alone works include War of the Worlds Plus Blood Guts and Zombies, Kraken, Megalodon, Megalodon Apocalypse, Sasquatch Lake, Crawlers, and World War of the Dead to name only a few. His short fiction has been published in anthologies from Baen Books, the Grantville Gazette, Walmart World Magazine, and hundreds of other places in the small press and beyond. The first book of his Bigfoot War series was adapted into a feature film in 2014 by Origin Releasing.
Genre: Fiction > SciFi


  • Night of the Squirrels
  • The Dwellers of Oar Knob and Other Tales
  • Straws
  • Crawlers
  • The Night of the Beasts
  • Into the Light
  • The Hand Of God
  • Wolfpack
  • Cowboys Vs Zombies
  • World War of the Dead
  • Monster Hunt
  • Boggy Creek
  • The Witch of Devil's Woods
  • Bloop
  • Antarctica
  • Dropship Marines
  • The Squad
  • From The Ice They Came
  • The Last Days of Myth-Real
  • How The West Went To Hell
  • Tandem of Terror
  • The Weaponer
  • Megalodon
  • Zombie Anthology

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Sep 8th, 2019, 9:55 pm

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