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The Antares Codex Series (1-3) by Bob Cooper
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Overview: Bob Cooper spends most of his retirement writing SyFy and Fiction novels. He enjoys giving lectures about writing and self-publishing and works with aspiring writers. When he's not writing, Bob enjoys hiking in the Sonoran Desert, Tai-Chi, Bowling, and socialing with with friends and family.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy

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#1 - The Antares Codex
Nothing is more critical to Acey than studying Astro-Archeology at the Academy where her grandfather, Dirk, teaches. He raised her after her parents were killed in a space accident. She works on deciphering an ancient set of codices that her father discovered. However, Earth’s political and social landscapes changed drastically since making first contact. The Earther movement sees alien contact as a threat and uses every means to prevent it from further invading their way of life. In the chaos that reigns, the Earthers frame Dirk for murder, which sets into motion a space adventure that will forever change Acey and those around her. Her desire to vindicate Dirk leads Acey and her friends on a dangerous trek to the Antares Star System where aliens assist them in finding the proof they need. Relentlessly pursued by John O'Malley from the Academy, they barely escape with their lives and finally make it back to Earth where they are captured and incarcerated by the Citizen Guard.

#2 - The Progenitor Project
Trudging around exoplanets for the mining company wasn’t exactly how Acey envisioned her career after graduating from the Academy. But that changed when she discovered the artifacts. Trained in Astro-Archeology, she was picked to lead an expedition back to Eris for a more thorough investigation. But not everyone agreed that these artifacts needed to be explored - let alone made public. Some were more inclined to kill to keep its secrets. And they did! Acey’s discovery sets off a chain of events that would shatter Earth’s belief systems to the core.In The Progenitor Project, the second book in The Antares Codex Series, Acey dives headlong into the mysteries of the artifacts and with the help of family and friends, uncovers the hidden truth behind them. The stakes have never been higher - the more she learns; the greater the danger.

#3 - The SHOX Gene Variant
The “Fourth Reich” activates its plan for world domination. Little did Aidan Carter’s Private Investigation Agency know they would play a large part in it. Duped by the seductress daughter of the “Fuhrer,” Aidan unwillingly passes on vital information aiding in their success. But to accomplish the ploy, the “Fourth Reich” needs one more thing – the DNA of Star Children. They get what they need from Carina, a young girl, and friend of the Carter Family, and Jonathan, her school mate. When they are kidnapped and brought to New Moon City, their DNA is used to create an army of Replicants. As a show of strength, the “Fourth Reich” destroys the Capitol Building in Washington in preparation for the invasion of Earth. When Aidan goes to New Moon City to find Carina and Jonathan, he runs smack into the chaos as the Replicants run roughshod and capture the city. He is powerless to stop the Replicants. The only hope rests with the Star Children.

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