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Xanth series by Piers Anthony (#0-39)
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Overview: Author Piers Anthony is a famous novelist and short story writer from Oxford, England. He was born on 6th August 1934, named Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob and has established himself as an English American writer under the pen name Piers Anthony over the years. Piers is a self-proclaimed environmentalist and lives on a tree farm in Florida with his wife.

Enter the world of Xanth, where every citizen has their own unique Talent—or magical ability—and centaurs, demons and dragons abound. Piers’ Xanth books are among the most loved series in fantasy, with millions of copies purchased around the world.
Genre: Fiction > Fantasy

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0. Visual Guide to Xanth
1. A Spell for Chameleon
2. The Source of Magic
3. Castle Roogna
4. Centaur Aisle
5. Ogre, Ogre
6. Night Mare
7. Dragon on a Pedestal
8. Crewel Lye
9. Golem in the Gears
10. Vale of the Vole
11. Heaven Cent
12. Man from Mundania
13. Isle of View
14. Question Quest
15. The Color of Her Panties
16. Demons Don't Dream
17. Harpy Thyme
18. Geis of the Gargoyle
19. Roc and a Hard Place
20. Yon Ill Wind
21. Faun & Games
22. Zombie Lover
23. Xone of Contention
24. The Dastard
25. Swell Foop
26. Up in a Heaval
27. Cube Route
28. Currant Events
29. Pet Peeve
30. Stork Naked
31. Air Apparent
32. Two to the Fifth
33. Jumper Cable
34. Knot Gneiss
35. Well-Tempered Clavicle
36. Luck of the Draw
37. Esrever Doom
38. Board Stiff
39. Five Portraits

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