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5 Books by Naomi Sparks
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Overview: Romance author with happy ending standalone novels.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


Fated- The rules are simple. Get in, get out.
We don't stay in any place longer than one night.
That goes for relationships, too.
It's too dangerous, and not just for us. We're hunted by shifters who have no rules, no limits, and will not stop until they destroy everything and everyone we love.
Then, I saw her. I couldn't not see her.
She's beautiful, but it's more than that. From the moment our eyes met, my dragon knew she was meant for me.
Which means she's the one woman I can never have.
I should stay away. I know this. But I can't. She's in big trouble, and I'm the only one crazy enough to protect her.
The only question is: am I strong enough to protect her from myself?

Redemption - Small Town. Big Secrets.
We don't get many visitors in Juniper, and the locals like to keep it that way.
I've learned to keep my distance, too. The only thing outsiders find if they look too close is a cold and lonely grave.
Then he arrives in town like my darkest, dirtiest dream: all muscle, tattoos, and a rough accent.
They don't make men like that around here. Hell, they don't make men like that anymore.
When he looks at me, it's like I've known him all my life.
When he says my name, it's like he's already made me his.
I can't stay away, even though I know I should.
The lust between us is as elemental and all-consuming as a wildfire.
He says he wants to protect me, but I can tell he's running from something too.
You can't outrun the past, and no secret can stay buried forever.
I've learned to keep my problems close to home. It's easier that way, because the only person you'll ever hurt is yourself.
But he doesn't just want my body, he wants my heart. My trust.
And I want to give in so badly, but what if the danger I'm hiding destroys us both?

Betrayed - Everyone knows you don't get involved with dragons. They're dangerous, unpredictable, and their fiery passions are legendary.
In fact, the only thing worse than dragons are dragons on the run from other dragons.
So when tatted, lethal shifters park just outside my tribe's sanctuary, I know I should stay away.
They may be traveling alone, but conflict follows them.
As a soldier, I've seen what war can do. I can't lose anyone else.
But then, I learn that the dragons aren't alone.
They have a pregnant human woman with them.
If we don't help, they'll lose her...and the baby.
I took a vow to protect my people, and to protect the innocent.
Even if I must turn my back on my tribe, I will do both.
But I didn't count on him.
The moment he looked at me, he claimed me as his.
His kind and mine don't mix. I shouldn't want him.
But it's hard to remember that at night when I'm screaming his name.
In his arms, I'm not a warrior...I'm just a woman. And for the first time in my life, I feel safe.
But I'm not safe.
The war they're running from will find us.
And I'll have to sacrifice everything to protect those I love.

Survivor - I can read minds, but my "gift" has never helped me.
All it does is let me know when someone is going to hurt me, and how they'll do it.
I knew evil Dragon Shifters hunted me, but I couldn't outrun them.
I could do nothing to stop them from enslaving me.
The things they did to me... The things they made me do...
They'll haunt me for the rest of my life.
I saw an opportunity to escape, and I took it...only to run straight into another Dragon Shifter's arms.
His is the only mind I cannot read. Strong, dark and quiet, he's not like the others.
His commanding presence should terrify me, but it doesn't.
A part of me trusts him -- a part of me knows that I belong to him.
But when he looks into my eyes, he sees someone else.
Something happened to him. Something horrific.
I want to heal his broken heart, but how can I ask him to trust me when I'm also keeping secrets?
I'll never hurt him. I only want to help.
But if he knew my secret, he'd never believe me.
He'd never trust me again.
I have nowhere else to go.
But even if I did, I've never felt more at home than in his arms.
I'll do anything to stay here...even if it means lying to the man I love.

Prisoner - My father is the most powerful dragon in the world.
Most women would use this connection to secure influential mates who could keep them safe.
But I refuse to lead a life of ignorance and comfort. Not after what I’ve seen.
So I’ve flown to the front lines to fight alongside my fellow dragons.
The world of a soldier is as brutal as it is simple.
Never show any signs of weakness.
If you fail, don’t come back.
Ruthlessly eliminate the enemy.
I’ve honed my instincts to become my father’s perfect, deadly weapon.
And then, I was shot down.
Bren found me in the desert, fatigued and injured from fighting for my life.
He bound me to a pole beneath the scorching sun.
And then...he offered me water.
I know what he’s trying to do. It’s not going to work.
I am his prisoner, and he is my prey.
And the moment I free myself, I know what I must do…
...Even if it kills me to do it.
Somehow, the enemy has gotten into my head.
I’ve allowed him into my body. Into my heart.
For the first time in my life, I’m wondering if I’m fighting on the right side.
Will I betray my family, or the man I love?

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