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Cryptid Assassin Series by Michael Anderle (2-3)
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Overview: Michael Anderle is a noteworthy author hailing from America, who is famous for writing science fiction, paranormal, and fantasy books. He is particularly well known for writing and publishing the Kurtherian Gambit book series. Author Anderle was born in the year 1967 in Houston, Texas.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


2. Silent Death- "Vickie, would you mind answering that?" Taylor asked, soldering gun already in hand and glasses in place to keep him from blinding himself.
"Sure," she said, picking the receiver up from the cradle. "Who the hell has a landline these days?"
"We the hell do," Taylor grumped. "Answer the phone."
He could almost hear her eyes rolling as she pressed the receiver to the side of her head. "McFadden's Mechs, how can I help you?"
It wasn't a great name, but he wasn't going to be complaining, turning to his work, but keeping an ear out for the conversation, or the one side of it that he could hear.
"What?" Vickie asked. "No, I'm not a secretary. Why, are you a janitor? I mean, yeah, all janitors are men, right, so all men must be janitors, are you kidding me right now?"
Taylor raised an eyebrow. Maybe work could wait. He wanted to hear what Vickie had to say to whomever was calling her.
"Yes, it was a sexist question, thanks for asking," Vickie replied. "Now, do you want to try again? Hi, this is Vickie from McFadden's Mechs, how can I help you not be a sexist a-hole this afternoon?"
Well, that was one way to go about it.
Taylor could hear the man on the other line laughing, which was better than them getting offended and hanging up, sure, but Taylor pushed himself up from where he was working and walking over to where she was still on the phone.
Special Agent Niki Banks has called in a favor, and now Taylor has a young hacker with an attitude as an employee. Along with new monsters to kill, a business to get off the ground, a relationship with an annoying FBI Handler to ... deal with Taylor is becoming a surrogate male figure for a role he didn't want.
But may be the best man for the job.

3. Sacrificial Weapon - Taylor and the rest of the crew are back. It's time to kill some Cryptids, and explain life and how it works to each other.
So long as that discussion is not between Taylor and Special Agent Banks.
The Cryptids have started to kill a large amount of humans in the upper mid-west. Banks' bosses told her not to call in the Cryptid Assassin...
He's too expensive.
Now, the showdown between Taylor and the creatures will stop when one or the other is dead... And it isn't looking good for Taylor.

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2. Silent Death

3. Sacrificial Weapon
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3. Sacrificial Weapon
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