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6 Novels by Devyn Morgan
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Overview: Devyn Morgan is a contemporary man with a love of contemporary romance! He grew up in several different states due to his parents' careers, which instilled in him a love of travel and seeing new places. After finishing college, he traveled around the globe for two years in search of romance, experiences, and adventures. In that time, he came up with more story ideas than he could ever use, so he started to write gay fiction.
Genre: Romance MM

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Honeymoon Hoax : What happens when two best friends pretend to be newlyweds on a romantic Caribbean cruise?
Brad Taylor’s been left at the altar. He’d take the honeymoon alone, but his non-refundable tickets are for a newlyweds-only cruise. Brad needs a spouse to get on that ship, so he asks his best man (and best friend) for a quickie Vegas wedding. Now they both can have the time of their lives in the Caribbean.Best man Cameron Hines has never been able to say no to Brad’s hare-brained schemes, but this one takes the cake! The truth is, Cameron would be happy to be Brad’s husband - for a lifetime. But pining after a straight man is the road to heartbreak. Better to go play in the sun with his best friend and resign himself to ending the charade once they return to their regularly scheduled lives.
Brad knows he’s not gay, but he’s not entirely straight either. Playing the happy honeymooning couple with another man is the perfect opportunity for some sexual experimentation. It’s just a shipboard fling—it won’t wreck a friendship as strong as theirs. Or will it? Can the salt sea air and island cruise magic transform this sham marriage into the type of happily-ever-after that comes with knowing that “Today I married my best friend”?

Body Heat: With ingenuity and luck, a wilderness mishap turns into a romantic adventure where love has room to bloom! Though he lives as an openly gay man in DC, Nick decides to revert to his closeted alter ego when he returns home to Colorado. Someday he’d come out to his family – in six months, maybe. Or six years. Now he steels himself to survive a back-country camping and hunting trip with his brother and friends. But Nick forgets he isn’t out East anymore when he kisses his hot skiing instructor just as his brother arrives! If the awkward silence on the drive up is bad, the constant stream of gay jokes by his brother’s friends is even worse. Clay likes his skiing student a lot – enough to exchange phone numbers despite his sulking brother and the pile of hunting gear in the back of their truck. Nick is smart and funny and incredibly cute. Clay texts to invite him to dinner, only to find Nick is still out on the mountain and at the mercy of the elements. When a winter storm threatens, Clay resolves to rescue Nick personally. He thinks Nick is “the one” – but only if their new relationship survives the close quarters of a cozy snow cave.

Lifeguard Love: When up-and-coming social media star Kip Weiss lands a summer lifeguard job at an exclusive resort, there are strings attached. The sweet bonus privileges require a roommate, and after a year in the random dorms, Kip wants to pick who shares the tight quarters. He invites his best friend, the only kid at school who didn’t look down on him for being poor. When Thad arrives, he can’t stop looking at his friend’s new beefy physique. But Kip can’t be into guys, that would ruin his hard-built social media brand, wouldn’t it? Thad Rowland needs a break. After an academically stressful year at school, his father lines up a boring internship to fill his summer. His true passion is art, not accounting. When his best friend Kip invites him to apply at the resort he jumps at the chance to get away from it all and wear his lifeguard whistle again. But can he live in such close proximity to his celebrity-gorgeous best friend, and keep his true feelings to himself? Far away from everything else, the hunky college guys are in an oasis of suntan lotion, their own private apartment, and an entire summer stretching before them. Will their new feelings tear them apart as well as ruin their careers and family ties? Or is the summer heat just the beginning of a scorching hot future?

Hold That Pose: Suave, well-traveled, and French, 22 year old Etienne Devaux transferred to Rochester Institute of Technology for his last two years as a photography major. Even though he had traveled the world with his diplomat father and artist mother, the US is the first place where he feels truly at home. As a junior, he expected a private room; he's none too pleased to be stuck with a jock wrestler of a roommate.
John Hart studies business on a wrestling scholarship, and is being groomed to work in his family’s paper mill business. The tall, dark, and handsome roommate presents an unexpected complication. John hoped for privacy. It’s bad enough to get hard from all that adrenaline while wrestling guys – and now he’ll have to watch himself even in his own room!
Except it’s impossible to hate Etienne. In fact, it’s impossible not to love him.

Fixing His Heart: Still reeling from a bad breakup, Dr. Norman McCarthy fears dating again. He wants to find the love of a lifetime, but most of the guys he meets favor the love of a good time instead. The doctor can easily fix his patients' heart valves, but his own broken heart is another matter. Hot mechanic Frank Preston can fix anything on wheels. When it comes to matters of the heart, too bad life and guys don't come with repair manuals. Frank finds it much easier to look under the hood of a vehicle than inside his own soul. A chance meeting brings the two struggling men together. They can't deny the chemistry between them, but will their pasts and secrets keep them apart?

Uniform Speed
The freedom of a road trip on a new motorbike – especially after getting out of a bad relationship – is the best thing Bryson had felt in a long time. Until a freak accident caused a wipe-out! Good thing Wesley Hirsch, a handsome state trooper who is “not straight and not out,” witnessed it and rushed to help. Bryson can’t ride on until he – and his bike – are in decent condition again. Wesley puts him up overnight. Their chemistry blossoms and, as they learn about each other, they are inspired by each other’s strengths. If the trend sticks, Wesley will come out to his intimidating cop father. If his confidence grows, Bryson will press charges against his ex.
Best of all, if they find strength and courage in each other, they might also find love!

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