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Feb 18th, 2020, 2:52 am
My Best Friend is a Succubus Series by Amanda Clover
Requirements: ePUB reader, 397kb
Overview: I am a bestselling author of romance and erotica with a passion for romantic lesbian erotica and much naughtier monster erotica. I also specialize in writing choose your adventure style erotica that allows readers to explore their own desires.
I have always had a dirty imagination and I used to dream of being a writer, but never imagined I could turn it into my career. Getting to devote myself completely to my steamy fantasies has been the thrill of my life! I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them for you!
Genre: Fiction > Erotica > Fantasy > Paranormal > GLBT > Lesbian

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Faith's boring life is about to get wild! Faith Granger considers herself to be a chubby loser. She lacks confidence, she lives in books, and she works in a high school library. The closest thing she has to a love life are all her dirty daydreams, but those aren't enough to quench her desires for football star Maxwell Harper. Faith discovers a mysterious occult book called the Septagrammaton Codex in the library's donation box and decides to take it home and try her hand at a love spell. She doesn't really expect it to work. Faith casts the wrong spell and ends up summoning Morgana, a succubus as beautiful as she is dangerous. Can having a sex demoness for a friend help Faith finally win over Maxwell Harper or will Morgana lead Faith down a new and kinky path?

Faith's boring life has been turned upside down! Faith Granger has learned that having a sex demoness as a best friend makes life a lot more complicated. Soul-sucking bombshell Morgana and Faith are on the run from a mysterious group calling themselves the Holy Inquisition who are hunting the powerful magical codex in Faith's possession. Faith enlists the aid of a seeker demon to locate potential allies at a demonic coven, but will the coven really help them or will the hedonistic demon worshipers be too busy with their orgy?

Embrace of Evil
Faith's boring life has been turned upside down! Faith Granger's best friend is a soul-sucking demoness named Morgana. Unfortunately, Morgana has been captured by a group of religious creeps called the Holy Inquisition intent on destroying all demons and recovering the magic codex Faith used to summon the succubus. When in doubt, double down! Faith recruits her friends and decides to summon another demon so she can rescue Morgana. It's worth the risk, reasons the budding sorceress, because her feelings for the succubus may run a little deeper than friendship. Will Faith rescue her ravishing bestie from the Inquisition? Will love blossom between unwitting sorceress and sexy demoness?

Rising Heat
With a succubus as a best friend, can life ever return to normal for Faith Granger? Faith Granger's best friend is a soul-sucking demoness named Morgana. After rescuing her from the clutches of religious zealots, Faith and Morgana head back to school and try to return to a normal life. But Faith's father is still missing and a succubus queen has taken an interest in Faith's budding power as a sorceress.. Faith and Morgana face unexpected dangers, realize new powers, and indulge in steamy pleasures. Will Faith realize her full potential as a sorceress? Will she find love with Morgana? Will she find her father?

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