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Feb 21st, 2020, 12:40 am
The Forsaken Mercenary series Box Set by Jonathan Yanez (#1-4)
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Overview: Includes BONUS short story: Forsaken Mercenary Case Files 1: Preacher.
He’s the deadliest man in the galaxy… If only he could remember. Earth is all but a wasteland. The moon is host to the scrappiest remnants of humanity. Terrifying hints of his past resurface to haunt him, to tempt him or possibly to warn him. Now, Daniel must choose: remain hidden or embrace what he was created to be. Because shadow corporations and a corrupt government are vying for what’s left of Earth’s resources – at any cost. And the cushy, elite population on Mars may be about to find out they aren’t the only beings in their neck of the system. Grab your blasters and get ready for a wild ride. Download to jump into the Forsaken Mercenary universe now. Over 1,200 pages of addictive action and intrigue!
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


1. Dropship
If they can’t control him. They’ll try and kill him.
Daniel Hunt is the deadliest mercenary in the galaxy if he can just remember. Five years before he woke up with nothing more than his name. Now his present is on a violent collision with his past and the future of the galaxy. The Earth is dead. Humanity has taken to the moon and Mars to have a chance. On what’s left of Earth primal gangs war for dominance. A rebel force will discover a weapon of unimaginable strength, the wealthy in the galaxy will do anything to possess. As Daniel unravels the origin of his past he’ll realize he’s not the same weapon he once was. But does redemption exist for someone like him?

2. Absolution
Redemption exists but the price must be paid in blood.
Daniel Hunt is still searching for answers to his past. Along the way, he stumbled across The Order, an ancient society credited for toppling Earth. His search will take him into the Badlands where a former member of the Pack Protocol has made her home. Except all is not as it seems in the small town and war is in the air. To survive the emerging forces Daniel will have to come to peace with his past. Allies will need to be found and formed. A far greater threat than anyone could have imagined approaches on the blood moon.

3. Fury
The more he uncovers, the less he really knows.
So far answers to Daniel's past have taken him from the moon to Earth and Mars. Each memory recovered leads to yet more questions. Everything is about to change. When the survival of the humankind is threatened Daniel will have to put his own crusade for answers on hold. The last two members of the Pack Protocol will be found along with an intergalactic enemy hell-bent on mankind's demise.

4. Vendetta
War is on the horizon.
Daniel Hunt as no desire to lead the first coalition of corporations the galaxy has ever known against their common enemy. This is exactly why he's perfect for the job. In the face of this new threat, old enemies will be forgiven and new allies will answer the call. If this wasn't enough more mysterious are unraveled as Daniel finally finds answers to the fate of the woman he loves.

BONUS short story: Forsaken Mercenary Case Files 1.

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Feb 21st, 2020, 12:40 am

★彡 ɴαтυre αlwαyѕ weαrѕ тнe colorѕ oғ тнe ѕpιrιт 彡★
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