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Mar 20th, 2020, 1:11 am
The Fringe series Omnibus by Rachel Aukes (#1-5 & Short Story)
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Overview: The complete Fringe Series is now available in one ebook bundle! Featuring galactic conspiracies, epic interstellar missions, and three captains at the front of an interplanetary war, this explosive collection includes all five Fringe novels plus a bonus short story.

War looms on the horizon… An old space captain hounded by arthritis and war memories, Aramis Reyne barely makes ends meet by running mail to the farthest, most dangerous reaches of the fringe. When he’s offered a no-questions-asked contract, he jumps at the opportunity to make some extra credits. But, he soon learns that he should’ve asked questions…and that there are far worse things in the galaxy than being broke.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


1. Fringe Runner
Life isn't easy on the edge of the galaxy. And it's about to get a lot harder. Aramis Reyne, hounded by arthritis and war memories, runs mail to the farthest, most dangerous reaches of the system. When he takes a side job to make some easy cash, he finds himself thrown against a secret group intent on crushing the colonies. The star system was destroyed by war before. Some want to see it destroyed again. A galactic war is coming, and only an old mail runner, a space pirate, and a ragtag crew can stop it.

2. Fringe Station
We prevented war, for now. But two colonies have been destroyed. We mourn the loss of thousands of lives. The remaining two colonies are in a chokehold. Gunfire silences protestors. Spies steal secrets. Cut off from supplies and friends, Aramis Reyne must put his trust in a mysterious new ally. Together, they devise a reckless plan for rescuing a rebel leader and building an army to save the colonies. With enemies coming at them from every angle, the rebellion is doomed before it begins. They must stop the Collective. Or the colonies will burn.

3. Fringe Campaign
Blood and debris smother the colonies. The rebels are being hunted. The Collective is coming at the rebel leaders from every angle, bringing bloodshed and violence.
But the rebels can’t run forever. They know the colonies’ only hope is to fight back. The rebel army is formed into a single force to be reckoned with. Victory will not come easy. Battles will be waged. Friends will die. Sacrifices must be made. The Collective must be stopped. But to win, the rebels will have to cross a line from which there’s no return.

4. Fringe War
War is here. Terra is the first to fall. The Collective has declared open season on all colonists. Its armada thunders across the fringe, killing anyone in its path. It’s time the rebels end this. The Collective has the technology and the weapons. The battles will be waged in the colonies. Families will be torn apart. To turn the tide, the rebels must strike at the heart of the Collective. It’s a time for heroes. We must prevail. Or every last colonist will die.

5. Fringe Legacy
It's a new age of heroes and sacrifices. The colonies won their independence. But they are not at peace. New enemies come at the fragile Alliance of Free Colonies. Assassination attempts. Kidnappings. Murder. When Aramis Reyne is nearly killed, he turns the tables and hunts the hunters. He learns things are not as they seem. When Critch disappears, he must make an impossible rescue. If Reyne fails, the Alliance will fall. War will claim the colonies once again. The race is on and time is running out.

The Teardrop that became a Torrent
Bonus Short Story.

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Mar 20th, 2020, 1:11 am

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