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Collared By Love Series by Della Cain (1-2)
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Overview: Della Cain has always been drawn to the caregiver BDSM dynamic. There was just something about having someone care for you in that way that connected with her. From littles and their daddies to pups and their masters and everything in between, she loves exploring their connections.
Genre: Erotic MMM


1. A Puppy for His Little - Every boy needs a pup. Why would Daniel be the exception?
Luke Bateman works in the high-powered tech world, for one of the fastest-growing companies in the country. He loves what he does but, at the end of the day, he likes to embrace his favorite role of all, being a Daddy for his boy. He would do anything to keep his boy feeling safe and loved, even if that means bringing in a third.
Daniel Hawkins fights the good fight every day in his job as a public defender. He makes a difference in his community and would have it no other way, but his career weighs heavy on him, and sometimes he needs to let his adult life slip away and be Daddy’s boy, where all worries are gone and he can just be loved and cherished. He loves his Daddy more than anything, but something is missing in their relationship...he can’t place his finger on what.
Ryder Meyers has always known a traditional relationship wasn’t for him, but working his way through med school didn’t allow him the time to explore what that might mean for him. One night at the club Collared is all it takes for him to find out: he is a puppy. But what is a puppy without a master?
A date night at Collared turns out to be so much more than just that for Luke and Daniel. When they meet Ryder. Daniel feels an instant connection, asking his Daddy for a puppy, unknowing that Luke is on the same page. But when a third gets in the mix, and Daddy needs to take on a dual role as Master for his pup, things get complicated in the most beautiful of ways.

2. A Master for His Puppy - Every puppy needs a master. Why would Ryder be any different?
Ryder loves Daniel and Luke. The connection that sparked between the three of them the night they met at Collared only grew with each day. He loved playing with Danny, as Daniel preferred to be called when little, and loved nothing more than to please his master, or Daddy as he had taken to calling him. Everything was exactly how he always dreamed it would be—almost.
Luke loved his boy and his pup. He would move heaven and earth to make them happy. With Daniel, he figured out what worked for them years ago and felt confident in that role. With Luke? That was a different story, especially as they grew closer and closer together. Everything was falling into place exactly how he imagined it—almost.
Daniel is so in love with his daddy and pup, he can hardly contain himself. If only he didn’t sense the growing insecurity his daddy was struggling with. He sets out to show Luke that he is the amazing daddy and master he was and to show both his men how perfectly they fit together. Everything was going as planned—almost.

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2. A Master for His Puppy
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