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Magic Sequence Complete series by Andre Norton (Vol 1 & 2)
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Overview: Andre Alice Norton (born Alice Mary Norton, February 17, 1912 – March 17, 2005) was an American writer of science fiction and fantasy, who also wrote works of historical fiction and contemporary fiction. She wrote primarily under the pen name Andre Norton, but also under Andrew North and Allen Weston. She was the first woman to be Gandalf Grand Master of Fantasy, first woman to be SFWA Grand Master, and first inducted by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame. In the six stand-alone novels that comprise her Magic Sequence series, Andre Norton, a “pioneer” in sci-fi and fantasy, conjures the perfect alchemy of enchanting fantasy and poignant human drama as ordinary kids travel through a variety of portals into historical and magical realms.
Genre: Fiction>Fantasy


Magic Sequence Vol 1: Includes the first three books:
Steel Magic: On a picnic in the Hudson Valley, Sara Lowry and her brothers Greg and Eric discover a medieval castle, where suddenly they’re enveloped by a gray mist and emerge in the time of King Arthur. To save Avalon, they must recover three magic talismans—Arthur’s sword, Excalibur; Merlin’s ring; and the horn of Huon—or remain forever trapped in the distant past.
Octagon Magic: There are lots of scary stories about the strange eight-sided house in Lorrie’s neighborhood. Does a witch live there? Is it haunted? But when Lorrie meets the mysterious lady of the house, she’s granted access to explore. In one room, she finds a rocking horse and an exact miniature of the big house. When Laurie climbs on the rocking horse, she is transported into the eight-sided dollhouse and the past, where she meets people who once found this home a refuge.
Fur Magic: When his father is called to active duty in Vietnam, Cory Alder leaves Florida to live on his adopted Native American uncle’s Idaho ranch. There, an encounter with an old Nez Perce Medicine Man called Black Elk catapults Cory into an alternate universe where animals live in tribes, hunt, and go on the warpath. Transformed into a spirit animal—a beaver named Yellow Shell—he soon finds himself in the middle of a war between humans and beasts with supernatural powers.

Magic Sequence Vol 2: : Includes the last three books:
Dragon Magic: When four boys find a jigsaw puzzle with four pictures of dragons in an abandoned house, each of them travels to a different enchanted time. Sig becomes a Viking warrior who must slay a dragon who was once a man and now guards a cursed treasure. Ras is a Nubian prince sold into captivity who can only escape by killing a deadly Egyptian serpent. Artie wages war to defend King Arthur and the Pendragon flag. A sword bearer and page in the imperial palaces of a great Chinese emperor, Kim must follow the path of the slumbering dragon.
Lavender-Green Magic: Sent to live with their grandparents in a small Massachusetts town after their father is declared MIA in Vietnam, Holly, Judy, and Crockett Wade walk through an opening in a maze in a junkyard and enter another time. In colonial New England, they are caught in the cross fire between dueling witches.
Red Hart Magic: When Chris Fitton and his new stepsister, Nan Mallory, find an exquisite model of an old English inn called the Red Hart, they are able to travel in their dreams to tumultuous times in England’s history, where they try to save the innkeeper of the Red Hart from being executed, come to the assistance of a man hiding from smugglers, and struggle to prove Chris innocent of burning down a squire’s barn with the help of a Bow Street runner

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Apr 3rd, 2020, 11:03 am

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