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Chronicles of a Cyborg by Isaac Hooke (1-4)
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Overview: USA Today bestselling author Isaac Hooke holds a degree in engineering physics, though his more unusual inventions remain fictive at this time. He is an avid hiker, cyclist, and photographer who sometimes resides in Edmonton, Alberta.
Genre: Romance


1. Warden - What would you do if you woke up with no memory of who you once were, in a body that was not your own, and everyone wanted to kill you?
The year is 2619. The line between man and machine has blurred. Humans routinely live out their days in virtual reality. Robots roam the streets. Drones rule the skies. And cyborgs are common.
Rhea is one of those cyborgs. A melding of flesh and machine. And yet that is the extent of her knowledge. Her mind has been wiped. All that she once was, erased.
She has only two friends in the world. The tech who brought her back from the brink. And his robot helper.
Together, the three of them roam the Wastes between cities. They earn their keep by salvaging spare parts from the Old World. This while trying to stay one step ahead of the mutants that call those plains home.
And then, when Rhea saves the life of another cyborg, her world changes.
She must make a choice. Go with the cyborg and risk it all to help a doomed city. Or flee, turning her back on a world that cast her aside and left her for dead...

2. Warden 2 - In the aftermath of the bioweapon attack, the citizens of Rust Town confer the honorary title of Warden upon Rhea, the humble cyborg who, against all odds, managed to save their entire settlement from complete destruction.
Now the slum residents follow and look up to her, so when the city cuts off their water supply, she feels compelled to help them. No one else will.
She comes up with a plan. It’s a bit crazy, somewhat outrageous, and definitely dangerous. But it just might work.
However, with assassins coming out of the woodwork left and right, and city security forces hellbent on stopping her team at all costs, the plan starts to unravel.
Now Rhea is left with a choice. Does she continue the mission, perhaps needlessly risking her life and the lives of those who follow her, or does she turn back and hope she can find another way to save Rust Town?

3. Warden 3 - Rhea travels to Ganymede aboard a civilian transport. She seeks answers, and hopes by visiting the solar system's largest moon she'll get them.
Though eager, she's afraid of what she'll find. Was she partly responsible for the Great Calming, a catastrophic event that saw the population of Earth cut in half? Or was she simply an innocent bystander, captured and taken prisoner by the regime?
There's a good chance that once she reaches Ganymede and activates these memories, she won't be the same person she was before. But she has no choice... she needs to know who she was.
Unfortunately before she even arrives another vessel attacks the defenseless transport. How can she answer the burning question of her origins if she's atomized in deep space?

4. Warden 4 - Rhea is ready to face Khrusos. She has upgraded her weapons and defenses, and fortified her mind. She has a solid team of loyal Wardenites willing to fight and die at her side.
Yet for all this, she is afraid. Not of Khrusos, but her past. If she awakens the sleeper inside her, she might become a completely different person: the cold-hearted Ganymedean potentially responsible for destroying half of Earth.
Yes, the greatest enemy she faces might yet be herself.

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4. Warden 4
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