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Apr 3rd, 2020, 3:54 pm
Death Squad: The Complete Series by Charlie Dalton (#1-#4)
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Overview: When a deadly virus breaks out in a US city, military vet Tommy Wilson leads a crack team to evacuate the survivors, but there's a problem. They can't find the civilians anywhere - until they start raining from the sky. Dodging the undead and battling self-destructive cults, they're in a desperate race against time to escape before the military wipes the city off the map. But there's more to the virus than meets the eye, and when Tommy discovers a breathtaking secret, he's forced to choose between his sworn duty and the lives of his loved ones. In a city where nothing is as it seems, Tommy must learn the truth or watch a city - and perhaps the entire nation - go up in flames.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy > Zombie Apocalypse


Zombie City (Book 1)
To fight the dead, you’ve gotta be dead. When the virus breaks out, the government reacts fast, locking down an entire city. The military are sent in to sweep the undead aside so we might begin rebuilding once more. But there’s a problem. There are no zombies on the streets, no reanimated corpses lurking in the shadows. No one. Anywhere. Someone orchestrated a trap and the military walked right into it. A single soldier survived. Tommy is the first of a new breed called Walkers. Half-human, half-zombie. An outcast on both sides. When a sinister force attempts to spread the virus beyond the city’s borders, legendary hero Colonel Maxwell offers him a mission. Form a new special unit called the Death Squad and find those responsible before the military wipes the city off the map. Fail, and they die a second time in Zombie City. This time, for good.

Zombie State (Book 2)
To fight the dead, you’ve gotta be dead. Michael is out. He’s spreading the virus and won’t stop until every man, woman, and child is infected. The Death Squad are hot on his tail, following him every step of the way. They put out the fires, quelling the virus as it sweeps across the countryside. Michael’s heading for a big city. The only question is, which one?

Zombie Nation (Book 3)
After surviving the catastrophic plane crash that destroyed the military's base, Tommy discovers Colonel Maxwell buried alive amongst the wreckage. With his dying breath he charges the Death Squad with a mission that will either make them or break them. Can they achieve their goal before the Architect draws the final curtain or will the Zombie Nation become Zombie World? Sam is the Architect's prisoner, charged with developing the zombie cure—a method which might just reverse Tommy's disease and return him to full health. But when she's given a chance to escape, will she take it? Hawk is in a secret research facility, mesmerized by promises of life from the lips of a beautiful doctor. Will he succumb to her advances or will he see her for what she truly is? Find out what happens in the third installment of the thrilling Death Squad series, Zombie Nation.

Zombie World (Book 4)
To fight the dead, you’ve gotta be dead. The world is in chaos. The virus has spread. The world’s fate hangs in balance, resting on the shoulders of three brave souls. Tommy must break the Failsafe weapon out of the secret base and traverse the 500 miles back to Austin, some of the most dangerous territory there is. With them is Alfred, a man who conceals an incredible secret. Sam and Hawk work together to save families held by soldiers loyal to the Architect. Releasing them allows the guards to follow their own consciences and get all the survivors over the wall and out of the city. But the Architect’s plans are now ready. Can they stop him before it’s too late? Find out in the final book in the Death Squad series.

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Apr 3rd, 2020, 3:54 pm