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May 21st, 2020, 3:41 am
Fertile in My Ex-Boyfriend's Dungeon series by Amanda Clover (#3-5)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.53 MB
Overview: I am a bestselling author of romance and erotica with a passion for romantic lesbian erotica and much naughtier monster erotica. I also specialize in writing interactive pick your adventure style erotica that allows readers to explore their own desires. I have always had a dirty imagination and I used to dream of being a writer, but never imagined I could turn it into my career. Getting to devote myself completely to my steamy fantasies has been the thrill of my life! I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them for you!
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Fertile in My Ex-Boyfriend's Dungeon: An Interactive Adventure Level 3: Featuring Werewolf, Mimic, and Slime
Beatrix Ardora is trapped by her ex-boyfriend in a dungeon full of horny monsters and cursed with magical fertility! Any of the monsters can knock Beatrix up if she isn't careful and she has 11 levels to go before she can escape! Can YOU help her reach freedom? In this humorous and steamy interactive erotic adventure, you guide Beatrix and her companion Nellie on their journey through the dungeon created by their wizard ex-boyfriend. Beatrix is young, beautiful, sassy, and she knows how to use a sword, but she's stuck on the third level of a dungeon and facing a werewolf, a mimic, and an amorous slime. The monsters are stuck in the dungeon too and they all know the only way out is to mate with one of Zimon's ex-girlfriends. Well, maybe not the slime, he doesn't reall have a brain. But he wants to have fun. Can Beatrix and Nellie escape being mated by monsters? Can they take revenge on their creepy ex-boyfriend? They have a long way to go to reach the top of the dungeon! Each novella-length book in the Fertile in My Ex-Boyfriend's Dungeon series includes three interactive monster encounters. Will Beatrix attack? Will she guard? Will she try to bargain with the monsters? Will she let Nellie handle the monster? Or will she just offer them her body without a fight? You decide!

Fertile in My Ex-Boyfriend's Dungeon: An Interactive Adventure Level 4: Featuring Ghost Pirates, Tentacle Beasts, and Fishmen
Beatrix Ardora is trapped in her ex-boyfriend's dungeon full of horny monsters and cursed with fertility and only YOU can help save her in this interactive adventure! Beatrix was forced to abandon her elf companion Nellie on level three, but is joined on level four by her new companion, Delfina Desiree. The duo emerge from an underground prison and find themselves on a steamy tropical island. Delfina knows this island and is there to recover her ship, The Savage Queen, which was taken from her by Zimon and a mutinous crew. Will Beatrix help Delfina get back her ship? Will they overcome the horny monsters lurking on the island? Will friendship bloom between the beautiful Beatrix and sassy Delfina? Only their courage and your choices will decide in this thrilling erotic adventure. Will they fight? Use trickery? Talk their way out of trouble? Or offer their bodies for monstrous pleasures? The choices are all yours!

Fertile in My Ex-Boyfriend's Dungeon: An Interactive Adventure Level 5: Featuring Futa Cow Girl, Lusty Lunatics, and the Alchemist
Beatrix Ardora is joined by deep elf assassin Mishanna Shadowstride as they try to escape from a cursed sanitarium of madness and lust! Beatrix and Mishanna are trapped in the fifth level of Zimon Fendriss's dungeon: a sanitarium inhabited by sex-crazed inmates and ruled over by a demented alchemist and his sexual experiments. Cursed with fertility, the comely pair must navigate this house of horrors and avoid being knocked up. First they must get past milky cow girl Holstya and her massive, um, weapons. They'll be pursued by a horde of wild-eyed maniacs in order to reach the alchemist's laboratory and finally defeat the perverted potion-brewer. Will Beatrix and Mishanna escape this level on their path to freedom and revenge? Will they fight? Rely on each other? Surrender their bodies to insane pleasures? The choices are all yours! Guide Beatrix through the fifth fertile level of her ex-boyfriend's dungeon!

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